Everywhere, The Sound Of The People Who Will Not Be Slaves

Everywhere, The Sound Of The People Who Will Not Be Slaves – Oath Keepers

“Just as Kings and Queens claimed a God-given right to rule, so do these Globalist control freaks. Globalism is nothing more than a desire by the few to rule the masses. Those who sought to rule the world throughout history have always considered they had a right to do so.”

Are you a willing slave to tyrannical masters? Maybe you are a willing lackey assisting the evil tyrants because they pay you well? If so, when revolt breaks out you better run far and fast and hide well. War is ready to start. Freedom lovers against evil.

Oath Keepers supports freedom and the rule of law. I am a proud member. Supporting the USA and confronting tyranny; a patriots job.









As media has grown in ability to reach the masses its influence has grown greatly. Elites own and control the media. The corporate system also assists the elite class with dominating all aspects of society. Believe you are “free” if you want but the term is relative. Sure, folks in Western countries typically are more “free” than those folks in North Korea or Islam dominant hell holes but the elites in every country are similar and they lord over the masses. Sadly, after a semi-lengthy period of relative freedom the Western countries are under attack by tyrants in our midst. An active non-shooting war is going on now… a war for hearts and minds. The tyrants are using vast effective systems of command and control and are convincing many common folks that as things are is correct and proper. They are not. We are in a fight to the death, folks. If we lose a bleak dark future for the common folks awaits.















However, Trump can not be bought in the typical manner. Note the Clinton bums. Legally influenced with the knowledge that proper behaviors while in office brings legal future rewards for self and family. Book deals. Positions on corporate boards where wealth and benefits are provided for showing up once yearly for the share holders affair. There are many ways wealthy elites, organizations, associations, corporations and others buy politicians at all levels of government. And they do it legally. The elites designed then altered the political system over the decades for their own benefit. Then the many propaganda systems work tirelessly to convince us that all is correct and proper.






“It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.”

— Henry Ford

“Give me control of a Nation’s money supply, and I care not who makes its laws.”

— M. A. Rothschild

Who Owns the Federal Reserve Bank and Why is It Shrouded in Myths and Mysteries?

Few folks understand the myriad systems used to command and control the USA. That is understandable. Modern society is incredibly complex and its many systems are convoluted and compartmentalized thus allowing a few at the top of the socioeconomic hierarchy to hire an army of well-paid lackeys to perform the tasks to keep the systems running. The elites have ample wealth and power to have the commoners pay for the military, law enforcement and legal systems to force the commoners to accept the systems they live within.

The political systems across the world vary greatly but with all of them it is rare for any meaningful changes to happen unless the tyrannical overlords want change or… revolt of some type occurs.

Beware the current New World Order (NWO) affairs creating change especially in Western countries. Tyrannical overlords are bring about change they desire. Their greed is endless. Their power almost unlimited. Dare I say that, perhaps, only armed revolt can save Western countries from the evil tyrants shitting upon us?



The power of propaganda and the systems dispensing the propaganda.



Is that an evil person? How many people did he harm garnering his vast wealth? How many have been harmed via the manner he dispenses his wealth across the world?



Beware education systems everywhere. Those in power want to keep their power. Educate (indoctrinate) youth in a way that supports the systems where power people earn their wealth and keep their influence. I left the USA K-12 educational scam after three years immersed within the brainwashing system. Get government out of education!!!!




HEY!!!  A country is a team. Coaches and players are a requirement. Folks with useful abilities must have routes to contribute to society and rewards are a good thing!!!

Reward good and punish bad. Extremes in rewarding are not good. The same is true with punishment. The West has mostly distanced itself from torturing criminal offenders. Drawing and quartering are a things of the past. But, the elites ensure their command-control systems distribute immense wealth to a tiny portion of the populace. Systems the elites created and hire commoners to operate and indoctrinate us with accepting!!!

Changes are needed. For the masses of common folks… not the ones that assist tyrannical ruling overlords. We are in a critical period, especially in Western countries. Our survival as a people, cultures, societies, entire countries is gravely threatened by forced immensely more powerful than us masses of common folks. Unless we rise up. Force the issue. Peacefully, if possible. By any means necessary of the evil tyrants oppose us.




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