Message to Patriot Freedom Fighters

I fear that the extreme wealth thus power of a tiny minority of the populace combined with a multitude of lackeys just doing their job combined with the well-honed effective power of propaganda will defeat all who rely upon “The Second Amendment.”

Elites are happy potential adversaries adopt that mantra.


Yet again the extreme complexity of the situations we fear and the systems we are embedded in makes fertile ground for the few atop the socioeconomic hierarchy to lord over the masses.

I fear that too few patriots have taken the time to acquaint themselves with reality. It takes time and effort to become even slightly aware of the multitude of facets of the situations we are immersed within.

Please do not take offense for I, too, am ignorant but at least I am aware of that. I also realized decades ago how much tripe had been shoved into my brain by the many propaganda systems we are immersed within.

Thus I cry out for patriotic leadership of the caliber of the original Founders. Those gents needed the men with the muskets. Thank God for those brave warriors. However, musketry alone will not obtain much beyond being a pack of barbarian raiders pillaging society. Leadership. Where is it? What I observe via the Web is not promising.

Would Franklin see us now and declare that the sun in the chair is a setting sun?





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Patriots, I fear the tyrannical elite class is evil enough to use any weapon required to preserve the systems giving them their wealth and power. I also fear that too many people in the USA and other Western countries are well-indoctrinated and loyal to either their elite overlord masters and/or to the systems they live and work within.

If We, the People revolt will our fellow Americans filling the many positions within the systems protecting the elites’ creation: the economic, political, military, law enforcement, legal and other systems come to our side or will they just keep doing their jobs thus ensuring the defeat of even millions of patriot common folks.

Sure, even millions of patriots physically fighting the systems will create mayhem but in the end defeat is inevitable. Brainwashed lackeys if given the orders from the top would assuredly use tactical nuclear weapons if needed to protect the systems they have been brainwashed from birth to protect. Convinced they are saving the USA they are actually obeying their tyrannical elite overlords.

USA patriots must embrace reality. The Second Amendment is a must-have but it will not, in itself, defeat the tyrants currently controlling the many USA systems of command and control. The only way I envision the tyrants being defeated and meaningful change to occur is if the USA military join the fight against tyranny. Law enforcement across the USA would be of vital assistance but without the military and its weaponry I fear the war against tyranny would be won by those tyrants.

Do not underestimate the evil within those holding vast amounts of wealth thus power.


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