July 4th Parade and Web Commenting

The following is a comment I left at the Oath Keepers Web site:

“If you asked our young people what July 4means, how many would know? Would they say it was a day for a barbecue? How many of them have ever read the Declaration of Independence? How many understand what the signers of that Declaration were putting on the line? “

“In a time of Kings and Queens ruling over their subjects”


The above is but a portion of the text at the Oath Keepers’ Web site. A link at the end of my comment here will take you to the Web page with all the Oath Keepers author’s text.

Tyrannical elites with access to wealth and the power it gives and monolithic corporations have replaced the royalty of old. The ability to influence masses of people using modern technology was unimaginable only a few decades ago.

The military power requiring a relatively small number of operatives makes even a small country of today even more capable than the mightiest countries a few decades ago.

So many changes happening so quickly. Changes good and bad. I dread how it appear the Western world is under attack by what many folks label the Globalists. A New World Order is being promulgated that sends hordes of barbarians flooding Western countries. Why don’t the Globalists send their armies of lackey barbarians into Asian countries such as China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, etc? Is it because those people would do anything required to repel those hordes and, perhaps, even hunt down those tyrannical evil Globalists and remove them?

Another fear is the general Political Correctness permeating USA society. This societal aspect is defined in numerous ways. You decide which aspects of PC repels you most.

Today I watched the local small July 4th parade and with large USA flag upon my 8-foot-long wooden staff I cheered the marchers as they walked by. No just sitting and idly watching for me. It is a joyful day!!! Shouting encouragement and appreciation I interacted with bystanders and the parade marchers. Wearing my military veteran attire most folks responded back with smiles and returned shouts of various types of a positive variety. Except one sullen group who eyed me with trepidation… as if I was going to denounce them, ridicule them or something. Heck no!!! It is our birthday!!! I did not shout out encouragement as I did the Boy Scouts or high school band or police and fire department. I DID smile and wave, however. Being civil and social. Still… some of those folks… mostly female… glanced at me and showed body language I interpret as fear. I am guessing that group is from the Politically Correct cohort… the group of whom some have physically attacked Trump supporters in the past and rioted in cities causing destruction and attacking folks they disagree with. The group I saw today were locals, not the mobs imported from afar to create mayhem. There remain SOME similarities among most PC folks and I believe I saw it today. Not one of them returned the big smile or wave. Oh well… that’s their loss. Make of this event what you will.

Elites want to divide and conquer We, the People and I see Americans divided in a way not seen since the Civil War. What does the future hold for us? On a larger scale what about all the Western world that is under attack by tyrants?

Should patriots concentrate on the Globalists with their self-serving New World Order scam/scheme or is there another threat more worrisome than that one?

Patriots need a Think Tank to start analyzing threats and concocting solutions. Get the best and brightest minds working for us. Tyrants have a multitude of associations and organizations even university systems working at their behest to assist their evil lusts.

Sure did enjoy the parade!!!







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