Virginia man convicted of slugging white supremacist who organized deadly Charlottesville rally fined $1

“A man who was seen on video slugging white supremacist Jason Kessler one day after last year’s deadly Charlottesville rally was slapped with a $1 fine.”

Virginia man convicted of slugging white supremacist who organized deadly Charlottesville rally fined $1 – AOL News

Is there a “war” against the holders of Western civilization? The elite-owned media, Globalists, New World Order tyrants, open-border Marxists and others use negative labels such as “White supremacist” and other negative terms to make all Whites appear in a negative light. There are bizarre events going on in Western countries that indicate to a growing number of Westerners that tyrants may be up to devious deeds that pose a peril to Western civilization.

Notice how often the label “White supremacist” is used. The label is subjectively defined as is the term “White separatist.” My observations tell me that if a White person has an opinion about the ongoing affairs affecting all Western countries that their views about the issues would place them in the “separatist” category. The “supremacists” are a minority. Perhaps a tiny minority. However… if the tyrannical elites and their lackeys keep importing massive numbers of foreign barbarians upon Western countries I fear that sheer survival of our Western civilization may require an outpouring of Western warriors wielding their weapons to end this WAR that has been forced upon us by evil people.





Soros’ vile spawn are carrying on the war against Western civilization






Mexico nine

Illegal aliens and their supporters protesting against closed borders in front of the Los Angeles veterans cemetery. Cultural Marxists and New World Order freaks who want to invade the USA and all Western countries. The West is being targeted. If these hooligans tried this stuff in China they would either be shot dead or sent to hard-labor camps for years.



The last data I saw indicates that 66% of the births in the Los Angeles basin was to illegal aliens. It is believed that all of these births were at taxpayer expense. It costs USA taxpayers BILLIONS of dollars yearly for all the costs of invading illegal aliens. The taxes they pay are not nearly close to the costs these invaders impose upon the once-sovereign USA. The site below shows a tiny portion of the crimes these barbarians commit inside the USA.

Illegal Alien Crime Report


NJ now learn spanish



This is diversity and multiculturalism at work



















Habit and ignorance keeps people using the word “White” when other words and terms are far more accurate. The vermin wanting to destroy and/or take over Western countries will also use the word “White” for the negative connotations the word can convey. I propose that there are some to many instances where the term “Western civilization” or “Western culture” would be a more accurate term. There are folks of all races who want to preserve our wonderful Western ways of life. Diluting the West to the point the White folks home lands are irreparably altered could lead the planet (except, perhaps, some Asian countries) into a New Dark Age where tyrants reign supreme and the masses of common folks are slaves or serfs existing at the bidding of their overlords.











DLtejyBXUAA9UzF.jpg large




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