What Is the Alt-Right? – YouTube



Good example of propaganda using the twisting of words and false comparisons to convince you of something that is not true. Just enough facts are included to hopefully cover lies and twisting of reality to convince you that the “alt-right” is evil.

The simpleton spewing the propaganda has his own agenda. I guess that he is a lackey of corporate and/or elite-class overlords who seek Globalism, a New World Order, cultural Marxism, open borders and other agendas that will create a new ruling class with the masses mere serfs required to obey those overlords. Beware the vast amount of propaganda bursting forth from the tyrants with immense wealth and power and with armies of subservient well-paid loyal lackeys.

Once again, yet again… the never-ending torrent of tripe using race-related terms, ideas, beliefs, etc. when, in actuality… it is CULTURE that is of paramount importance. Many within the “alt-right” (labels suck but are useful) non-movement (a general non-specific belief system is a more apt description) want the USA to remain a Western country with its main embedded sub-cultures to be based upon what created and built the USA.

Complicated stuff, folks. I will try this method of explanation… How about importing 100-million Somalia and other African country Moslems into the USA and observe the extremely high birth rate (at taxpayer expense) as existing cultures are drowned out. Surely the USA will become a diverse and multicultural Heaven on Earth and vast progress will occur to a shiny, bright future with peace and prosperity for all. Right?

If conditions in the USA continue, within 200-years I predict that the diversity and multiculturalism scam being forced upon the common folks by a tyrannical elite with the assistance of their lackey lap-dog politicians, Globalists, New World Order freaks, open-border mob and others will send the USA into a New Dark Age with a few overlords and the masses mere serfs or maybe even slaves to their tyrannical masters. I will be dead and gone so… why care? The Western warrior influence remains embedded within a few of us. We will not go down without a fight. You sheep bleating delight with your overlord masters better hope we win. If we lose your noose tightens.


Since the military draft ended the percentage of military veterans within the populace has dropped to minimal numbers. The percentages and numbers decline as the USA continues to use what can be considered hired mercenaries to fight the overseas wars. Debate continues as to the necessity of those wars. The lack of a draft assists with minimizing dissent within the populace. Will the day ever come when there are not enough warriors within the population to defy the tyrants among us? Tyranny appears to be gathering strength and wealth and political power and corporations are becoming increasingly powerful in all areas of Western societies and countries and We, the People are bombarded by constant indoctrination and… and… and…

What is the fate awaiting the USA and other Western countries if we continue to be engulfed with non-Western cultures and people?



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  1. Reblogged this on Western Civilization in Peril and commented:

    All Western countries are in peril. Powerful forces inside our countries are spitting upon the masses of common citizens. What choice do we have but to muster our forces and call upon the military that is composed of fellow common folks and prepare to battle the traitor filth trying to destroy our beloved Western civilization?


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