Phenomena of White Flight and The Inevitable Ethnic Conflict – YouTube

What one person labels a “racist” another person using logic and rationality will conclude that a more apt label is REALIST.  All humans are indoctrinated. It is part of the socialization process. All our life we are constantly and endlessly bombarded with information. Some of that input is propaganda spewed by others who want you to think and act in ways you normally would not. Damn… folks, this stuff is incredibly complicated. A smarter person than I could assuredly explain this stuff in an easily-understood way. I can not. Let it suffice that I mention the existence of propaganda and indoctrination and that evil forces within the USA have immense power provided by immense wealth and that those evil tyrannical people and their hired thugs doing the actual work of spewing propaganda are backed by an army of well-indoctrinated lackeys.

It is those elites and their money and corporations and power over politicians and the ability to warp minds that has led to what I lump together as a War Against Western Civilization. All Western countries are under attack. The enemies of freedom use many weapons in their assault. Invading barbarians and the promulgation of the diversity and multiculturalism scams are dangerous weapons that can destroy entire cultures, societies and even countries.

The video below is not the best one for conveying the dangers facing We, the People. It does have a message and if it interests you… watch it!!!



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