Is that an OK sign? A white power symbol? Or just a right-wing troll? | Southern Poverty Law Center



“From its adoption first by white nationalists, and then by 4chan trolls intent on ‘triggering the libs,’ the well-known hand signal’s use points to deeper concerns.”

Is that an OK sign? A white power symbol? Or just a right-wing troll? | Southern Poverty Law Center

Written by a lad named David Neiwert the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) must agree with the articles’ declarations since it is displayed on their Web site. Looking at Neiwerts’ Wikipedia entry I get the impression that he may be one of those folks who have the mind-set that Western ways are bad. Sure, not all aspects of the West are demonized by Neiwert but enough are and to an extent that Neiwert and an army of similar-thinking folks are assisting what I and other label Globalists, New World Order followers, open-border lovers and a horde of others whose efforts combined with the tyrannical elites and the immense amounts of wealth to devote to their causes are a threat to our Western ways of life.

If I am wrong about Neiwert or anybody else apparently involved in some way, knowingly or unknowingly, with the ongoing attacks against our beloved Western ways of life in all the Western countries feel free to make a comment below and disagree or lambast me or whatever you feel will set the record straight.

The issues involved in what I consider a War Against the West are convoluted and complicated. Read the linked-to article apparently written by Neiwert and placed upon the SPLC Web site and get a glimpse inside the mind-set of a writer that may be chock-full of White Guilt and a loyal lackey of his tyrannical elite-class masters and other lackeys of that cohort.

It IS possible that Neiwert is merely using the tyrants and their lackeys as a wealth garnering ploy since his words appearing in various publications bring in a pay check. In my opinion, all I write regarding these complicated complex convoluted near-incomprehensible goings-on in today’s crazy world is opinion, a patriot or honorable person would not vilify the West as the SPLC, Neiwert and others do… in the manner they use. YES!!! find the faults and defects and try to improve our Western life BUT… do not assist tyrants whose desires and lusts are to destroy our Western ways.

Back to the linked-to article. A minute speck in a world full of propaganda and indoctrination. Some will consider the article education. Some a joke. I expect many to sit in wonderment trying to define what the conveyed message is supposed to be. Is it merely yet another attempt to wrangle donations from corporate and other sponsors? Is White Guilt supposed to be implanted or increased within readers? Are non-Whites supposed to be angered and readied to do battle with White oppressors? What IS the message Neiwert intends to send? A professional writer knows that written messages are easily misinterpreted by the reader. I know it and try to be easy to understand but it is a hard task, folks. Especially with stuff as complex as the War Against the West.

I am but one person with limited time. Tyrannical elites can hire thousands of lackeys to perform the immense task of indoctrinating entire countries with hundreds-of-millions of inhabitants. I do the best I can along with a huge cohort of other Western common folks trying to confront tyrannical evil and its massive war machine intent upon enslaving all Western countries and all within. Luckily, I found a counter to the OK sign scam that does a much better job of refuting that ploy used by enemies of the West.

Harmless Hand Signals?

“The newest dig that the insane left is pushing and pulling on is the ‘okay’ hand signal that’s been around longer than all of us. That symbol your hand makes when you connect your index finger with your thumb, letting the other three fingers spread out? This somehow means ‘white supremacy’ right along with just about anything at all that a white person says or does. Soon making white paper will be considered racist along with white out correction fluid, and sandy white beaches bleached clean from the sun and saltwater. Oh and jeez, maybe even snow.”

That starts the article that does a great job of refuting but one of thousands of ploys used by anti-Westerners who try to fill us with White Guilt and make us receptive to the various attempts at destroying our Western cultures, societies, countries and our Western ways in general. We do not see Africa, Asia and South America attacked in these ways. It is the European-West with outposts across the planet such as the USA, Australia, etc. We are under attack. The elite-owned mass media will not come out and declare that but their semi-news reporting gives ample evidence of the dangers confronting us.

Know your enemies, patriots. Keep up your efforts at countering the tidal wave of propaganda enveloping our beloved lands. Our combined efforts are having an effect. Notice the growing rise of nationalism and defying the evil of all types confronting our brave Western peoples.












The war currently is a battle for hearts and minds using words and images. If this “propaganda” war is lost by patriots will we settle for enslavement by tyrants and their barbarian hordes or do we engage in battle?










Final victory must be ours. Defeat will surely be a New Dark Age of despair for all except our tyrant overlords and the warlords and armies used to control the masses of serf-like commoners. I would rather die battling evil taking as many into eternity with me as possible. Exult, I would, if victory arrives and I still live. But that is of minor consequence. Defeat tyranny. Defeat the tyrant’s barbarian hordes. That is all that really matters.

Remember, patriots. The battle best won is the one never fought. Hearts and minds is our target now, Expose the evil tyrants and their foul lackeys in media, the entertainment industries, infesting politics and corporate board rooms and elsewhere. Let our combined voices SHOUT and let us try to defeat evil with nary a shot fired. Let us try. Let us be prepared if those efforts fail.




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