America: Worth Saving? – YouTube

I urge you to look around the USA and decide if the diversity and multiculturalism forced upon We, the People is making life better for us or making things worse. From my viewpoint and what I hear and read from many of my fellow blue-collar working-poor class brethren, many of whom are military veterans, the negatives of many aspects of the USA are such that we fear that a Revolutionary War Two may be the only way to save the USA our parents and earlier ancestors fought, lived and died to pass on to us.

View the video for another citizen’s opinion.



A few of the threats to the Founder’s creation that the Greatest Generation did not have to confront. Where are the patriots within the USA to lead us into battle to defeat these threats? On a larger scale all Western countries are under attack by multiple forces from within and from outside their borders. Barbarians are advancing and colonizing with the assistance of traitors within the West. The danger is real and is growing.

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