The Reality of Anti-White Hatred – YouTube


Hearing the video my thoughts turn to that vile evil tyrant Soros and others of his ilk. My thoughts also include the many well-indoctrinated bleating sheep buffoons who follow that bizarre Leftist Marxist New-World-Order open-border destroy-the-West agendas. Unite, people of the West. Tyranny must be defeated. As of 2018 we remain in a war of words fighting for hearts and minds.

Perhaps that is all that is required to ultimately save our beloved Western cultures, traditions, societies and entire countries. Maybe not. Perhaps more active means will be required. Reach out to our brothers and sisters in law enforcement and the military. Remind them that out loyalties must be to the masses of commoners that created our wonderful Western ways of life. Do not obey tyrants and/or their politician and bureaucrat lackeys.

Spread the word, patriots. Too many mass media are owned and operated by those immensely wealthy tyrannical filth. All of us are bombarded from birth with massive amounts of propaganda/indoctrination designed to have us believe and behave in manners that delight those filthy tyrant scum.

Thank you for reading my words that barely touch an incredibly complex topic. One reminder… we are fighting for culture and ways of life. Non-White folks can love and defend our CULTURE!!! The enemy constantly uses the word “White” in a negative manner to defame our cause and assist theirs. Do not hand ammunition to traitors and greedy power-hungry tyrants. Culture is of prime importance and that is what must be saved… along with the right for free association among people.



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