Jenna Bush Hager: Inside the ‘Today’ frontrunner and former first daughter’s TV career


To ensure the president behaves and acts in a manner desired by USA elites and monolithic corporate entities rewards are given after the elite’s lackey leaves office. The entire family is rewarded as an inducement to behave properly while in office. The way it is done is entirely legal. Politicians know how the game is played.

Book deals reward with millions of dollars. Speaking fees are a huge income source. Ex-presidents sell their names to be placed upon corporate boards. Typically, a once-per-year trek to the annual share holders meeting is required. All expenses paid and the ex-prez is treated like royalty. I recall ex-prez Ford earning $250,000 yearly for this scam. That amount was worth much more back then… roughly equivalent to a million bucks today.

Look at Chelsea Clinton and the high-paying jobs handed to her. At the link we see the rewards extended to a different batch of “special people.” This scam didn’t work with Trump… he has his own wealth source and does not bow down to elite-class overlords and evil corporate entities as most presidents do. Because he can not be bought the elite-owned mass media and other evil entities constantly attack him.

Many aspects of the USA political system are a scam against We, the People. As is our corrupted legal, economic, heath care and many other systems within the USA where embedded systems of activity ensure a portion of the national wealth is sent ever-upwards to a small minority of greedy powerful vermin.


“From first daughter to potential first choice for Kathie Lee Gifford’s NBC gig, it’s been an interesting road for Jenna Bush Hager.”

Jenna Bush Hager: Inside the ‘Today’ frontrunner and former first daughter’s TV career – AOL Entertainment



voting insanity








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