Marines Testify About Racist “Antifa Mob” Attack, Court Issues Judgement


Antifa filth attack patriots. Cowards promoting cultural-Marxism and a desire to destroy the USA and Western civilization. Ultra-wealthy traitors are financially backing many groups that want to destroy Western civilization to create a corporate fiefdom for who they consider to be the proper ruling class. Many brainwashed well-indoctrinated lackeys obey their elite-class masters; including too many traitor politicians!!!

Prepare for Rev. War Two, patriots. If the tyrannical elites succeed in their unholy lust for total control a New Dark Age descends upon We, the People.

Marines Testify About Racist “Antifa Mob” Attack, Court Issues Judgement






Antifa and their supporters tend to hide their faces. Out of shame? I doubt it. To make it harder for victims to identify them? Likely. It is telling that the masked scum are attacking folks that rarely, if ever, disguise their faces. During the 2016 presidential campaign Antifa and other leftist Marxist scum regularly attacked Trump supporters.























Proud Boys is a patriot group formed to protect peaceful patriots practicing their right to peaceful assembly. There are several YouTube videos about this group of quality men ready to defy tyranny and evil. The leftist/Marxist fiends have made at least one video trying to place Proud Boys in a bad light. As expected, the elite-owned tyrannical Leftist media has done all it could to make Proud Boys appear to be evil and a threat to all that is good and America. Typical BS spewed by the traitor lackeys of their corporate master. Those corporations are owned/controlled by the Marxist tyrants trying to destroy the USA and all of Western civilization. Complicated stuff covered in other posts and across the Web. The threat is real, folks.


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