The majority of European politicians are traitors, says intelligence analyst




“In a discussion on Hungarian TV, László Földi called the majority of Europe’s politicians traitors.”

Video at the linked-to site.

If all or part of Europe falls to the tyrannical elites and their hordes of invading barbarians used to batter down the Western people the USA and other outlaying Western countries will become increasingly isolated and in great danger.

A Cold War was fought for decades to save Western countries and prevent isolationism. Why is what the West spent trillions of dollars and vast effort to prevent a few years ago being allowed to occur now? The danger is more present than before, the invasion is occurring now and traitors are running loose in all Western countries.

Western civilization is in severe peril and a state of war is REAL!!!

The topic is complex and convoluted but some aspects are obvious. Too many Western people are complacent and sit idly by as our beloved Western ways of life are being eroded and whittled away purposefully by fiends with evil intent against us.

The majority of European politicians are traitors, says intelligence analyst


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