Backpackers beheaded in Morocco mountains were ‘executed by terrorists,’ security sources say


“The attack on the two Scandinavian backpackers in Morocco could have had a terrorism motive, according to reports. Louisa Vesterager Jespersen, 24, from Denmark, and Maren Ueland, 28, from Norway, were brutally murdered while camping in the Atlas mountains.”

“The killers filmed the vile slaying and a video of the incident is circulating on Moroccan social media…”

“The women were found in and outside the tent. One had been decapitated, while the other had a serious throat wound.”

Current, recent and past history shows an unending flow of reports telling of the Moslem beasts brutalizing non-Moslems. Westerners must avoid those savage beasts. The traitors in Western lands allowing or actually assisting Moslem filth to enter Western lands need to be corralled and made to pay for their crimes against Western people. Moslem filth must be prohibited from entering Western countries. The filth already present need to be rounded up and escorted back to those cesspools where the Islamic hordes are entrenched. Create impenetrable barriers between Moslem cesspools and the sacred lands of the Western people.

Westerners… learn the lesson from the horrors those two innocent girls experienced. Never ever enter a Moslem dominant land and avoid the Moslem filth that have invaded and polluted our sacred Western soil.

Backpackers beheaded in Morocco mountains were ‘executed by terrorists,’ security sources say | Fox News


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