Nation of Islam received hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to teach prisoners



“The Nation of Islam and its leaders have received hundreds of thousands of dollars from the U.S. government since 2008 to teach religious study programs for federal prison inmates, according to records reviewed by the Washington Examiner.

A black nationalist group led by Louis Farrakhan, the Nation of Islam preaches that white people are “blue-eyed devils” and Jews are “the synagogue of Satan.” Its leaders have received at least $364,500 in contracts and awards from the U.S. Bureau of Prisons and the Department of Justice between fiscal 2008 and fiscal 2019.”


Nation of Islam received hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to teach prisoners

Do you want your tax dollars going to a mob of wackos?

“The NOI asserts that white people were created through scientific experimentation by a scientist named Yakub. As Farrakhan has explained, “the Bible calls him ‘Jacob,’ who wrestled with The Angel, and prevailed, and his name was changed from “Jacob” to Israel). He was a great Black Scientist.” Yakub supposedly began a program of selective breeding that was carried out by his followers after his death and resulted in the creation of the “white race.” This race became famous for corrupting and enslaving other races. As Farrakhan says, “the white race is a race of devils.” “


Now here is an idea that might benefit all concerned!!!

“The NOI advocates for racial separatism. As outlined in “The Muslim Program” the movement wants to establish a “separate state or territory of their own–either on this continent or elsewhere.” The group believes “our former slave masters are obligated to provide such land and that the area must be fertile and minerally rich [sic]. We believe that our former slave masters are obligated to maintain and supply our needs in this separate territory for the next 20 to 25 years–until we are able to produce and supply our own needs.” Until such time as they are allowed to create their own separate nation, the NOI wants segregated schools, exemption from all taxation, a prohibition on intermarriage or race mixing, and to have “the religion of Islam taught without hindrance or suppression.” “

The information above came from here:

9 Things You Should Know About the Nation of Islam


The elite-owned media is so busy creating fake news about mistreatment of little kids forced to accompany a parent or “coyote” or a child-porn trafficker or other fiend caught invading the USA illegally that the bizarre at times illegal idiocy of groups and organization inside the USA are ignored. Try the link below:

The Troubling Connections between Scientology and the Nation of Islam


Here is a condensed overall description of Nation of Islam


If you are bored or interested or for whatever reason you want to watch you can watch and listen to Farrakhan speaking to his followers:




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