The Naivety Of The West | American Girl Murdered By Illegal, Father Praises Mexican Food – YouTube


Politically correct well-indoctrinated buffoons are taught to accept invading barbarians. One aspect of fear exhibited by weak people is to appease those whom they fear. This is seen in several animal species. Appeasement MAY keep you alive but you then serve in a subordinate roll to your master(s).

Western tyrannical elites trying to destroy the West so that they can assume control and alter Western life to place their class permanently in a dominant position akin to royalty of old when a feudal system was in place are indoctrinating as many western people as they can. Their success can be seen with that pussy-boy father of the brutally murdered college girl. That punk gutless appeasing father was living in San Francisco, California, a very liberal part of the USA that is a “sanctuary city” for illegal alien barbarians invading the USA. That wimp father apparently had moved there to be among kindred spirits.

Western warriors are aware of the many weakling whining sheep among us bleating their love of diversity and multiculturalism and the other tools being used by tyrannical elites to destroy the West. When (not if) the time comes for Western warriors to rise up and battle tyrants and their brainwashed lackeys and remove the army of barbarians imported to destroy the West the constant propaganda/indoctrination/brainwashing will end and the tyrants will likely be spending many years or even life in hard-labor camps atoning for their sins. Failure to end the current ongoing madness will see the end of Western civilization and a New Dark Age falling upon us. Do not allow that to happen.

The video is by a Brit whose own country is under severe attack by very powerful ruling elites and tyrants. The Moslem hordes have embedded their sickness into Britain and could possibly become the majority what with their enormous birth-rate and the idiocy of taxpayers allowing the British government to force them to support the Moslem horde. Horrors await Britain if they do not cast off the barbarism within their own society and oust the filthy fiends encroaching upon them from afar.



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