How the Globalists Stole Our Home – YouTube

United Nations swarming with filthy tyrants wanting to destroy Western civilization. Get that filthy organization out of the USA and send those filthy scum to some 3rd-world hell-hole where they belong. The UN is the enemy of freedom-loving people across the world. It is a friend to barbarians unwilling to improve themselves, their cultures, their societies and countries and who would rather invade the quality people of the world and plunder from them.

The UN is an avowed enemy of all that I hold dear and value. Defend Western civilization. No cost is too great. Better to die a free Western warrior than allow those filthy New World Order tyrannical elites and their subservient lackeys to lord over me and what I hold dear. Better to destroy half the world than meekly kneel down to serve the filthy scum such as Soros and those foul politicians and bureaucrats that lust to lord over the masses as royalty and clergy did during the Dark Ages.

Western people, prepare to unleash the hounds of war. The survival of our beloved Western civilization is paramount.



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