Indoctrinating With Propaganda



“The arrogance of it all is what is overriding. Bringing in a cynical and deceptive Muslim who endeavors to shame Christians by claiming they’re bad Christians for rejecting a globalist, socialist agenda — that epitomizes the New York Times today.”

That quote comes from this article:

New York Times: “What a Muslim Could Teach Trump Supporters About Jesus”

Tyrannical elite-owned media doing its best to promote a New World Order with a globalist government and open-borders and requiring the masses of USA citizens to submit to WHATEVER the tyrannical overlords order us to do. The Founders wrote about tyranny and what We, the People must do when it appears… as it has in our time. Patriots, the enemy is powerful with immense wealth. The tyrants own/control much of the media and entertainment industries that are highly effective propaganda/indoctrination tools. We must counter their brainwashing and make preparations if this ongoing conflict escalates. We must not allow a New Dark Age to fall upon us and future generations.

The article discussed is at the propaganda venue below. The comment section is closed. I read a few comments and determined that the indoctrination is effective for at least a few babbling buffoons.

What a Muslim Could Teach Trump Supporters About Jesus


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