Macron Attacks Nationalism | Wants EU Army | The Most Dangerous Man In Europe – YouTube



At 8:26 Obama reveals that he is an evil globalist, a lackey of an evil tyrannical cohort that seeks to destroy Western civilization and have a new corporate royalty lord over the masses of peons and near-slaves. The video should start there. I recommend starting at the beginning if time allows. At the least listen to the words of a traitor to the USA and all of Western civilization

The video is Eurocentric but the cabal plotting against our beloved Western civilization is transnational.

Massive numbers of foreign barbarians are being used as tools to divide and conquer the people of the West. The massive corporate entities that the tyrannical elites own and/or control are being used as propaganda dispensers to indoctrinate the Western people into being complacent sheep obeying our masters.

Too many politicians have become traitors to the West. Lap-dog lackeys who know that the huge rewards their tyrant masters bestow upon them now (look at the wealth piled upon the Clintons and Obamas among many others) will explode into vast riches and the power those fiends lust for. Obama would likely become a Duke or maybe even the King of the realm the tyrants carve out of several states. Do you believe that this event is impossible? History shows constant change among and within geo-political entities. There is NOTHING other than the power of the massive numbers of Western citizens to stop those evil filthy tyrants and their similarly putrid lackeys from achieving their lusts. Look at how much progress they have already made!!! Observe the USA media and entertainment industries and the crap constantly spewed by those indoctrination centers!!! Observe the colleges and universities and even the propaganda regularly dumped upon children in K-12 schools!!!

Extremely complex topics that I and tens-of-thousands, likely more, of patriots are trying to make clear to the masses that the people of all western countries are in severe danger and that countermeasure must be undertaken to stop the tyrants and their lackeys and the barbarian hordes they are flooding our homelands with. Every peaceful method to defeat evil must be used.

I ask for all to find and follow good leadership. Intelligent, quality folks that will use every peaceful method to stop the evil and prevent those filth from ever threatening our beloved Western civilization again.

If ALL peaceful methods fail our leader will select the best, brightest most competent warriors to muster and lead our military might to cleanse our beloved homelands of the pestilence that has descended upon us.

Victory must be ours to prevent a New Dark Age from swallowing all that we hold dear.

Manually advance to 8:30 to watch/listen to the words of a traitor that wants to enslave the Western people.



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