National Front – Putting Britain First

The fight to save Western civilization is underway across the planet. Europe is a hotbed due to so many traitors within government and the many brainwashed citizens accepting the horrors enveloping them. Proximity to barbarian warriors from Islamic lands and sub-Saharan Africa adds to severe danger our European brothers and sisters are facing.

Western Civilization in Peril


National Front

Looking around the Web I see a LOT of Web sites either accepting or actively supporting the invasion of Western countries by hordes of non-Western people intent upon using and abusing the people of the West. Many of those invaders are carriers of a disease known as Islam. A look at the past shows what happens when Moslems invade and settle a non-Islamic country. Westerners who know of past people’s fates are doing all we can to stop the ongoing Western invasion and curb the efforts of the traitors among us who either allow or assist the invading hordes.

There are many aspects of the threats to the West. Far too many to mention in this post. Adding to the complexity are the many groups formed to fight the invaders and traitors and try to repair our Western systems that have allowed this invasion to continue as long…

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