Fascists and Anti-fascists: The Difference | Montréal-Antifasciste


Marxist New World Order open-border anti-nationalism operatives use every trick and ploy to snare the populace into supporting their goals of world domination. Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot and other evil warlords would be proud of the way Antifa is supporting their tyrannical elite-class masters who are using those easily-indoctrinated buffoons who apparently believe their efforts are supporting freedom. Sadly, if successful, Antifa and similar groups of thugs will merely place warlords in charge of society. Defy buffoonery, patriots.


Fascists and Anti-fascists: The Difference | Montréal-Antifasciste


Below is the link to the Montreal Buffoons main page of buffoonery. Soros must be so proud of his well-indoctrinated idiots!!!

Montreal Antifascists Main Page

Read the glossary to experience the mind-set that led to Mao’s ravages in China that later “Communists” left behind while adopting many free-market Western-style methods to improve life quality within China. These Antifa and other buffoons appear to not notice that hordes of 2nd- and 3rd-world folks are risking their lives and wealth to invade Western countries. Western TV has apparently sent a false impression to the world that merely entering a Western country results in an opulent lifestyle of ease and leisure. In comparison our superior Western cultures do provide more to much more than what those foreign folks are fleeing BUT… let the world waltz in and the West would soon become as bad or worse than what the barbarians are fleeing.

If that traitor Soros, Merkel and the many other enemies of the West truly cared about non-Western countries and people they would strive to reduce their very high birth rates and assist with improving their life quality by changing the aspects of their cultures and societies that make them 2nd- and 3rd-world sub-par environments. Good luck with that. Trillions of dollars tossed at barbarians over the decades have done little to nothing.

We MUST preserve our own ways and lands without being forced to sink to the level of the world’s barbarians. Perhaps the warriors of the West need to send Soros, Merkel, Antifa and others running for escape to the 3rd-world cesspools they appear to lust for. It can be done.


Red Guards Austin







Multiple groups, associations and organizations throughout the Western world advocate tearing down existing systems and replacing them with systems that are typically based upon a dream world that will not effectively organize people into a functioning society. Sure, there are improvements in our Western ways of conducting affairs that could increase the general quality of life. When I read/hear the leftist globalist mob demanding the prisons be opened and the prisoners set free I know that feeble minds are at work. There IS evil in the world along with madness and other factors that do not allow a civil, social, peaceful society to exist. And then the globalists want the Western world to open the doors to Islamic invasion!!! History shows the result of that idiocy. Beware the evil forces backed by extremely wealthy evil tyrants and tyrannical organizations, associations etc. along with their huge influence upon traitors within Western governments. Patriots… if absolutely required with NO alternatives; after ALL peaceful attempts have failed… to preserve our Western ways of life be prepared for either s patriotic military coup or some sort of Revolutionary War Two in the USA with other Western countries doing what they are forced to do.

It is extremely important that all peaceful methods at saving our beloved Western heritage be used first.




























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