Slain police officer called ‘American hero’ at his funeral


“Cpl. Ronil Singh, who was killed in the line of duty, was hailed Saturday as a “hero” who made the ultimate sacrifice for his adopted country.”

Charge every politician and bureaucrat assisting with the illegal alien invasion or with sanctuary cities/regions/states with aiding and abetting every one of the hundreds-of-thousands of crimes illegals commit against citizens. If found guilty the enormity of the crimes will assuredly send those traitors to We, the People to hard-labor camps for life.

Slain police officer called ‘American hero’ at his funeral – AOL News






illegal deport supporter






tn_senator sherrod brown













What laws can a USA citizen break in foreign lands and laugh AT the citizens and legal system of that country? Traitors within the USA allow these fiends to shit upon the sovereignty of the USA. This HAS TO CHANGE!!! Even if it requires a military coup or Revolutionary War Two.









A year or so ago a local high school kid was brutally stabbed and left to bleed to death upon the sidewalk in front of the apartment building he lived in. Local media barely covered the event and I have read nothing about a trial or sentencing. The leftist Globalist cultural-Marist tyrannical elite-owned media downplays the negatives of the invading filth those tyrants are using as a weapon against We, the People. Divide and Conquer is an ancient war-fighting tactic and is being used against We, the People by the traitor-tyrants in our midst.



There are thousands and more thousands of these fiends supported at taxpayer expense. When they are finally deported they simply stroll back into the USA and begin preying upon us yet again.



















Illegals and their ethnic citizen buddies show where their true loyalties are. The Montebello, California post office was invaded by a horde of Chicanos and illegals who performed the deed you see here. The elite-owned media ignores a lot of events placing the invaders and those supporting them in a bad light.









Mexico nine

Chicanos and illegals protesting in front of the USA Veterans’ Cemetery in Los Angeles, California.






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