White People Who Don’t Want to be White – YouTube


Elite-owned corporations with immense wealth and power own and control most mass media that has immense influence upon We, the people and folks across the planet. Take note on what that evil tyrannical media concentrates upon. Every effort is made to instill “White guilt” and to continuously promote an ancient war fighting tactic of divide-and-conquer. Diversity and multiculturalism is the cudgel beating upon all Western societies and countries… tear apart what was once We, the People and it is difficult to impossible to unite to defeat the tyrants lording over us.

Europe is experiencing a full-frontal attack while the USA is being softened up for future extreme horrors. War has been declared against Western civilization. Mr. Taylor and others are doing their best to warn us and counter the barrage of relentless propaganda/indoctrination spewed by tyrannical media, entertainment industries, lackeys within government, educational systems and many other aspects of the complex systems that create a first-world country.

Prepare yourselves, patriots. If evil wins this war… and war is what it is… a New Dark Age will descend upon us and future generations. A “corporate feudalism” will enslave a once free people, cultures, societies and countries. We must not let that happen!!!



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