John Goodman weighs in on doing ‘The Connors’ without Roseanne Barr




“John Goodman dropped by ‘Late Night with Seth Meyers’ to talk about ‘The Connors’ and the controversy surrounding Roseanne Barr’s exit.”

John Goodman weighs in on doing ‘The Connors’ without Roseanne Barr – AOL Entertainment

Lots of folks wrote on Web venues that they eagerly awaited the new Rosanne TV show, I among them. Near-universally TV output for me is background noise with an occasional glance towards it. My attention is usually devoted to the computer monitor. A few shows such as The Orville, Blacklist and Designated Survivor have me arising and headed for the couch where I plop down to devote all my attention to the show. Anticipation had me doing that for the first episode of the new Roseanne TV show.

With open mind and a desire for entertainment I was quickly disgusted with what I interpreted to be purposefully-done modern-day politically correct indoctrination. Cultural-Marxism at its finest promulgating a New World Order promoted by tyrannical elites with immense wealth giving them abilities to influence every aspect of the USA far far far beyond the abilities of the masses of common folks. Immense wealth that allows the controlling of corporate entities that have even more influence upon society in some ways than all of government combined. Wealth that creates lap-dog obedient lackeys of politicians, bureaucrats and others with much influence upon the USA’s systems of command and control.

The show ended with my being made even more aware of the dreadful reality that a tiny portion of the USA is spewing propaganda that indoctrinated/brainwashed a portion of the populace with young minds the most susceptible to unholy lusts of the tyrants spewing that crap. The next episode arrived with a return to the prone position upon the couch. Half-way through the channel was changed to non-propaganda output and a return to Web viewing.

The Web was full of commentary and opinions about the show. I chimed in along with a multitude of others. Of course opinions varied greatly and I performed my usual by striving to counter the cultural-Marxist propaganda. It pleases me when a view a sizable portion of the population also declaring a disgust with the attempts to convert the USA into a New World Order paradise.

The link above leads to coverage of “The Conners,” the newest new after political correctness leading to Roseanne distancing herself from the idiocy enveloping the Founder’s creation. Reminder, folks; the Founders wrote what patriots need to do when tyranny rears its ugly vile head. I posted my comment in the comment section and was greatly pleased with the reception and the one comment to me in reply. Typically my similar comments receive at least a few down-votes and at least one negative reply. That is to be expected, especially with the many well-indoctrinated bleating citizen-sheep loyal to their masters who are well-pleased with their hired lap-dog lackeys and the loyal lackey followers obtained via their tidal wave of propaganda/indoctrination flooding the land.

My comment:

The propaganda-spewing politically correct cultural-Marxist New World Order-vending Hollywood entertainment industry is an enemy to We, the People and threatens the continued existence of the USA. Time for a revolt to stop those Marxists before they continue to exploit young easily-influenced minds.

One reply:



Not even one counter to my statement. Swamped by a deluge of elite-class Globalist propaganda from every outlet imaginable… from mass media news outlets to TV shows to lackey mouthy entertainment “stars” spewing the crap that pleases their masters thus ensuring continued wealth accumulation even to elected traitor politicians… when I witness fellow citizens angered at the evils being piled upon us making their anger obvious.

Tyranny has risen and is defecating upon the USA AND all of Western civilization.

Prepare for any eventuality, patriots. We must try every peaceful method possible to beat back this plaque unleashed against us. If all fails before we submit to what is best described as a New Dark Age of corporate elite-operated feudalism then what else can be done but “Cry ‘Havoc!,’ and let slip the dogs of war.”





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