How Marxists Hijacked Our Culture – YouTube


The elite-owned mass media is feeding We, the People a LOT of misinformation. Facts are being omitted and warm-fuzzy feel-good emotion-laden pablum is being used to sway the masses into accepting what is an invasion of the once-sovereign USA. Folks… we are being LIED TO!!! Sadly, the elite-owned media has become an enemy of the USA and a tool for what some label a New World Order (NWO) that wants to destroy nationalism, erase all borders and FORCE diversity and multiculturalism upon the WESTERN WORLD!!! We do not see the evil tyrannical NWO trying to “fix” Asia, Africa, South America, etc. It is only the Western countries under siege. Citizens… we ARE AT WAR!!! A culture war and our enemies have immense wealth and the power that comes with wealth and controlling monolithic corporations. This topic is extremely complex and can not be covered here. I ask all of you to never blindly trust ANY media outlet. So much of their spewing is self-serving tripe intended to indoctrinate/brainwash the masses.



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