Covington: What Really Happened? – Seeking Insight – YouTube

I expect a very large percentage of active, reserve and retired law enforcement personnel to join the patriot’s ranks. I also expect that many active duty and reserve military personnel to either stand with us or step to the side and not interfere with defeating the tyrannical horde and foreign barbarians infecting the Founder’s creation.


Another ember added to the smoldering pile that, if it erupts in flames, will result in a huge number of USA patriots grabbing their muskets and doing what must be done to preserve the Founder’s creation. The Founders wrote about tyranny and what must be done when it rears its evil head.

Patriots will use every legal peaceful method available to battle the growing tyranny and the tyrants promoting their anti-USA causes. Immense, powerful, wealthy forces with control of monolithic corporations of all types are promoting agendas such as a New World Order, One-world government, open-borders, mass migration with no regards for borders and even the elimination of the nation-state.

Western civilization as a whole is being targeted with efforts continuing down to the most local level as seen with local media outlets parroting what the central corporate media outlet sends out to indoctrinate We, the people.

This is one event of a multitude where the tyrannical traitor elites and their lackeys have been caught using a young high school kid in their ploy to advance their evil agendas. These false-flag events are creating immense anger among the patriot cohort.

We, the People, those not brainwashed by the Marxist filth infesting the USA and other Western countries, will use every legal peaceful method to battle this tyranny and the threats it poses. If all efforts fail the Founders wrote what needs to be done. Let us do our best to win this war without battle. But, be prepared for any and every eventuality. The forces of evil WILL NOT PREVAIL.



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