Fake Hate Map – Fake Victims, Fake Media Narratives, Fake Fear Mongering. Stop the Fake Hate.


Wikipedia describes the ideological version of false-flag operations as

“Proponents of political or religious ideologies will sometimes use false flag tactics. This can be done to discredit or implicate rival groups, create the appearance of enemies when none exist, or create the illusion of organized and directed persecution. This can be used to gain attention and sympathy from outsiders, in particular the media, or to convince others within the group that their beliefs are under attack and in need of protection.”

Some people use false-flag for personal gain or to garner sympathy or it may be due to mental illness or other factors.

The elite-owned tyrannical mass media supporting Globalism, the New World Order, cultural-Marxism, open-borders, one-world government, open borders and mass migration to flood Western lands and thus destroying those countries are quick to pounce upon any story that places opponents to the elite agendas in a bad light.

A recent version of the false-flag tactic that is causing much uproar among patriots throughout the USA is the Covington High School kid confronted by a leftist Amerindian instigator. The elite-owned media distorted reality in an ongoing effort to make President Trump and USA patriots appear in a bad light. Anybody not supporting the leftist Marxist New World Order agenda is a target. The leftist media is promoting violence and will even target an underage lad!!!

Prepare for Revolutionary War Two, patriots. The Founder’s creation must be saved.


Fake Hate Map – Fake Victims, Fake Media Narratives, Fake Fear Mongering. Stop the Fake Hate.



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