Nathan Phillips and Hollywood Tropes – YouTube



“How Hollywood narratives conditioned people to advocate murdering children over a hoax.”

The attempt to make President Trump and conservative Whites appear to be evil demons failed when the leftist NWO Globalist cultural-Marxist demonic tyrannical elite-owned media and their various lackeys and stooges were caught lying and purposefully staging an event to hopefully advance Marxist and leftist causes.

Though caught in this particular effort the Marxists and their allies continuously bombard the USA and all Western countries with propaganda and indoctrination to prepare We, the People into accepting the fate those tyrants want to impose upon us. Patriots are responding even though we lack the immense wealth of the tyrants and do not control the monolithic corporations that own the media, entertainment industries and other systems that have immense effect upon society and the governments that increasingly back the tyrannical causes.






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