The Covington Boys Rorschach Test – YouTube


There is an increasing amount of discussion in my area in real-life and at many sites across the Web about the possible need to follow the Founder’s advice of what to do when tyranny rises. The general consensus is to fight tyranny with every legal, non-violent method available. However, the talk also includes the possibility that the eventual only option may be to fertilize the Liberty Tree.

Patriots, do all you can to end this madness with peaceful methods. However, prepare for a worst case scenario. If tyranny wins the ongoing culture war the Founder’s creation will be destroyed and We, the People will sink in an abyss of a New Dark Age with corporate overlords and their lackeys in government controlling us to the point that we are mere serfs who must obey or be imprisoned or destroyed by the tyrants lackeys who, as this video shows, are prepared to have thugs hunt us down and enslave or destroy us.



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