Idiocracy – Opening scene in HD – YouTube



The USA tyrannical elites instructed their lap-dog lackey politicians to implement policies that rewarded the lower, less productive classes, for remaining unproductive and to whelp as many vile spawn as possible. Traitor president LBJ’s Great Society was one aspect of the elite agendas to divide and conquer the masses of USA common folks.

The 1965 alterations to USA immigrant policies supported by traitor Ted Kennedy (killer of the Kopechne lass) led to swarms of foreign barbarians to flood the USA at the highest immigration levels in USA history. Average IQ for the country dropped while taxpayer wealth was diverted to support the mega-millions of expensive-to-keep barbarians and their huge hordes of babies relentlessly produced. The sheer number of imported barbarians ensure that the once-lauded “assimilation” did not occur. The USA populace was being divided-and-conquered with the We, the People of the past now diluted into a mass of conflicting ethic groups, races, cultures and religions.
Unable to unite to defy tyranny the common folks of the USA were continuously battered by the growing power of a tyrannical elite ruling class with its stranglehold upon the many system of command and control that operates the many aspects of the USA.

Ignoring the ongoing invasion of the USA by foreign nationals allowed upwards of 20-MILLION foreign nationals carrying cultures that can, at best, create a 2nd-world country to invade the USA. USA citizen blue-collar laborers were impacted greatly in many ways and taxpayer costs to cover the falsely-labeled “low-cost labor” added an enormous amount to the national debt. And all the while the masses of common folks, the 96% or so of the USA population, became increasingly divided unto the point that learned folks aware of reality wonder when some form of civil war will break out allowing the tyrannical ruling elites to muster the now-militarized law enforcement and military forces of all types to declare martial law and step in to take control. Politicians and bureaucrats obeying their elite-class masters will allow the USA to become a sick form of corporate feudalism where the masses are mere serfs to our overlords. A New Dark Age will descend and the citizenry with a cumulative IQ 20-points lower than pre-1960s European-culture based 90% Caucasian USA possessed AND now with the populace separated by many dozens of social and economic differences that prevents the populace from following the Founders’ written advice on how to rise up and cast out tyranny. That will not happen in a divided and conquered country.

And the New Dark Age settled in and the masses bombarded by relentless propaganda/indoctrination from elite-owned corporate media and the governments they control pacified the newly created serfs who readily obeyed their master’s orders. The few dissenters quietly disappeared into the penal system where their cries were heard only by their guards.



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