Native American Elder Nathan Phillips On Confrontation: ‘I Forgive Him’- YouTube



I am a military veteran who was present for the Vietnam evacuation. I view that lackey lap-dog tool of the leftist Globalist New World Order open-border mass-immigration-invasion cabal as a buffoon who pleased his elite-class masters and his handlers by creating a ruckus thus allowing evil biased anti-We, the People corporate media to place President Trump and patriot common folks in a bad light. However, truth prevailed and the leftist mob has been caught in their lie.

Sadly, the well-indoctrinated bleating sheep supporting the destruction of the USA and our Western ways of life poured onto the Web with many demanding physical harm to befall those young students. Hopefully those threats that crossed state lines will be met with federal felony charges.

The elite-owned and operated media has its well-paid hired lackeys working hard to minimize the damage their vile evil efforts caused when they were caught trying to, again, flood We, the People with their fake-news propaganda. The inferior intellect of their Omaha tribe lackey/flunky makes it hard for the media to minimize their efforts at placing USA patriots in a bad light. If anything, this event opened the eyes of many citizens to realize that We, the People are under attack by extremely wealthy tyrannical elites, their armies of lackeys and the power of their monolithic corporations that control media and entertainment industries (propaganda dispensers) and far too many politicians some of which are operating on the edge or farther of blatant treason.

Will Rev War Two be forced upon We, the People?


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