State of Emergency: Urge Trump to Declare Cartels International Terrorist Orgs and Deploy Troops

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“The massive amount of aliens who unlawfully enter the United States each day is a direct threat to the safety and security of our nation and constitutes a national emergency,” ….”Now, therefore, I, Donald J. Trump, by the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, including the National Emergencies Act (50 U.S.C 1601, et seq.), hereby declare that a national emergency exists at the southern border of the United States,”


State of Emergency: Urge Trump to Declare Cartels International Terrorist Orgs and Deploy Troops – Oath Keepers




A traitor infesting Congress placing ethnic loyalty above whatever loyalty the wench has for We, the People. Apparently elected by low-class sub-citizens whose vote is for whoever will give them the most freebies at taxpayer expense. Since 1965 immigration policies and laxness regarding illegal alien invasion has filled the USA with masses of lazy vermin grown used to hand-outs the workers of the USA provide. Especially irksome are the Moslem filth handed huge sums to spit out hordes of babies who are taught to hate the USA and the infidels within. Search the Web for the many incidents where Somali Moslems have committed felonies against We, the People. The traitors bringing in dangerous animals need to be tried in front of military tribunals.

Illegal Alien Crime Report

Visit the site to see but a few of the MANY crimes illegal alien barbarians commit against USA citizens




Brutally murdered by a filthy illegal alien fiend. His illegal alien kinfolk in Iowa are still there. Protected by the brainwashed fools who have been indoctrinated to feel guilt for the rest of the world not living as well as they are. So sad that since the barbarians ARE going to rape, murder, molest and other crimes that it is not ONLY those wanting the filth here are their only victims. Taxpayers now get to support that illegal scum for possible the next 50 to 60 years. And USA prison are FULL of foreign fiends that slithered in and started rampaging.



Headed for all the free-to-them goodies waiting in the USA. Even if the hand-outs are not supposed to go to invaders there are cartels within the USA that provide fake and stolen ID the invaders use to scam We, the People.



Western traitors have extremely wealthy backers such as that filthy scum Soros and his well-trained son who will keep those pilfered billions of dollars at work determined to dissolve the USA and all of Western society. YES!!! There ARE plans and operations ongoing with the intent to convert all Western countries into fiefdoms that serve an elite ruling overlord class. Complicated stuff mentioned elsewhere in my blogs and across the Web. Beware, patriots. The danger is real!!!







Diversity and multiculturalism displayed. Do you want that in your town? It may already be there, folks.





Mainstream media does NOT show you reality. I was raised among the California Chicanos both legal and illegal ones. If only all the USA citizens knew that many Chicanos hate Gringos and Blacks and Koreans and they hate the USA. Yes. Hate. Complicated stuff that the interested, curious person can learn about. Easy to do with the Web at hand.











“Yes, yes we can”  We can, what? Invade the USA and convert it to a 2nd-world country as is Mexico? Alter the USA so that the ruling elites have immense power over the common folks and spit upon them while the elites amass evermore wealth and power?

















Illegal aliens and their citizen supports entered the Montebello, California post office property and hauled down the USA flag and showed the world where their true loyalty lays. Did you ever see this via the tyrannical elite-owned media that wants to impose Globalism and a New World Order upon We, the People? Is is a fact that self-aware folks know about… a minority of the USA populace… that the elite-owned media is actively engages with indoctrinating the masses to accept all that WILL destroy the Founder’s creation. Tyranny HAS risen and our future is in severe danger. A New Dark Age is possible. The Founders warned us via their writings about tyranny… and it is here NOW and in full force. Use every legal method to peacefully battle the tyrants and their army of lackeys. Some are are not aware they are assisting the tyrants!!! They are “merely doing their job” that they are hired to do. Indoctrinated enough OR lacking the ability to see the reality in front of them many lackeys are just cogs in the machine BUT some to many are aware that they are agents assisting the advancement of a New World Order of no borders and millions to billions of 2nd- and 3rd-world people invading Western countries. Europe has been hit especially hard and the well-indoctrinated Canadians have had traitor Trudeau pummel their land with hordes of invading barbarians.

If ALL peaceful methods of battling tyranny fail the Founders wrote what must be done. It is a last resort but our beloved USA and Western heritage must be saved. Be prepared, patriots!!!




TRAITOR!!!  The fiend promotes a “sanctuary city” where invaders excel at harming citizens. This filthy beast deserve a trial for aiding and abetting every crime every illegal alien within the USA has committed. Hard-labor for life and strip this wealthy wench of every penny it possesses and assist the victims of those killed, injured or maimed by the illegal alien filth this TRAITOR loves so much.





Fighting tyranny along with many other groups and organizations. Patriots, find one and assist them with saving the Founder’s creation in any way you can.








Around 15-years ago it was reported that 66%  two-thirds of the births in the Los Angeles area where over 15-MILLION people reside (many are illegals) were to illegal alien mothers. Anchor babies. The illegals do not produce enough to pay their way. They are parasites and a drain upon society. Look at Mexico. That is what these folks and their society and culture create. And most do not assimilate. Studies show that 3 and 4 generations after invading the USA the Chicanos, many of them, still retain what their ancestors brought with them. So many Chicanos that in households 4-generations removed from invading Spanish is still the primary language within the home. The sheer numbers of invaders forming immense “little Mexico” and “little Honduras” etc. allow these people to evade any need to assimilate. Look at the countries to our south. Like what you see? That is the future USA, folks. The invaders have extremely high birth rates, as does most of the world outside the first-world countries. Western civilization is doomed. The New World Order wants us flooded with billions of foreigners who will sens the West reeling down into 2nd- and 3rd-world conditions. And the tyrannical elites will revel in their new roles as kings and queens lording over their corporate feudal system where they are the New Royalty with extreme wealth and power. Do you think it can not happen?




Brutally stabbed to death by that filthy invader scum. The girls’ brainwashed father made excuses for illegal alien invaders in general. No surprise the PC buffoon lives in San Francisco. Soros, Pelosi and Feinstein and the many other traitors to the West and the USA must be proud of that father and the ability of the systems they own and operate to indoctrinate the common folks of the USA. Enemies of freedom. Enemies of life. Actually wanting raping and molesting and murdering barbarians to slither into the USA and prey upon the common folks. Too bad that fiend did not target Soros.















NJ now learn spanish

Globalist lackeys use the illegals to advance their perverted anti-Western causes.




Placed under the wiper blades of cars across the Las Angeles area. There are Chicano groups who advocate a war of succession to wrench the south-west USA away from us. One of their tactics has been in practice since the 1960s. Purposefully out-breeding the Norte de’ Americanos. I heard of this plan in person at a meeting of a Brown Beret cell meeting at a California federal-operated farm labor camp in 1971. The elite-owned media will never tell you of this stuff. Doing so would harm their agenda. Yes, patriots, the corporate system with its immense wealth thus power is being used as a weapon against We, the People and the Founder’s creation.



PMexico nine

Illegal aliens and their supporters showing their loyalty in front of the Los Angeles military veteran cemetery. Much of California is a sanctuary city, county or region. Little to no threat for those invading the USA. Traitor politicians at the state and local level are spitting upon the USA. Bureaucrats refusing to stand up to traitors… merely “just doing my job” are assisting with the invasion and ultimate downfall of the USA.




Some groups studying the invasion’s impact believe these costs are higher to much higher.







A fiend whose wealth protects him. Two foreign countries want to arrest him and put the beast on trial. Wealth protects evil. And the old scum will die soon. Good riddance. However, his vile spawn son has been well-trained and is carrying on the goal of destroying Western civilization. Very complicated stuff. The complexity of all that is going on assists tyrannical evil’s efforts. If you are curious the Web is full of facts and opinions and other stuff that reveals the true dangers facing our beloved Western civilization.




I would be so happy to see those smug faces do that in most of the countries of the world. They would either be imprisoned, maybe beaten, maybe sent to do hard labor before being shipped home and, in some countries, shot dead on the spot. But We, the People are supposed to smile and wave and be happy foreigners are invading us?

Patriots, The tyrannical elite-owned media that assists with bringing about a New World Order with all of us common folks serfs and slaves to the ruling overlords does not have to lie to us. A tactic known as “error of omission” is often used. To avoid arousing anger or hatred at the illegal alien invaders the elites love and who are part of their plan to divide-and-conquer We, the People notice how “transient” is used to describe a raping, murdering filth who repeated invaded the USA to commit crimes, was deported, and returned to prey upon USA citizens some more:

Nun’s rosary beads were used to kill her, Oregon authorities say


“The man accused of attacking two nuns on a bike path used the rosary beads they wore around their necks to control them while he raped both and left one dead, the district attorney said yesterday.

An autopsy done Monday showed that Sister Helen Lynn Chaska, 53, an Orthodox Catholic nun from Bellevue, died from ligature strangulation with her rosary beads, which were left embedded in her neck, Klamath County District Attorney Ed Caleb said. The autopsy also showed she was raped and beaten severely about the face and neck.”
“Barring any unforeseen developments, Caleb said he would seek the death penalty for Maximiliano Selario Esparza, 32, a transient…”

“While Esparza sat in the Klamath County Jail with a Spanish-language interpreter, Rambo sat in court and read, using a video connection, from a district attorney’s information listing 14 charges, including aggravated murder, murder, attempted aggravated murder, attempted murder, rape, sodomy, sexual abuse and assault.”

“…Esparza confronted them. He head-butted one of them, and beat them both with his fists, knocking them to the ground and grabbing them by the rosary beads around their necks, twisting tight when they wouldn’t do as he said, Caleb said.”


Another media outlet, long after it was well-known yet another illegal alien thug barbarian had raped and murdered citizens refuses to inform We, the people that barbarians from foreign lands are attacking us:

Nun’s killer gets life term without parole


“A drifter who raped two nuns and killed one of them in Klamath Falls last year was sentenced Tuesday to life in prison without the possibility of parole.
The man who initially identified himself to police as Maximiliano Cilerio Esparza evaded the possibility of a death sentence by admitting to the crimes and foregoing a trial.
His real name, authorities have learned, is Victor Manuel Batres Martinez, a 33-year-old with a long history of violent crimes in the United States and Mexico.”


Here is a rare media outlet that informs us of a “broken immigration system” the liberals and Globalists and New World order open-border traitors do not want to alter:


Prison ends killer’s trail of misery


I usually only share snippets of the news stories I link to. I fear that this vital information may be lost if the page is ever taken down or the possibility that this media outlet is bought by a traitor NWO Globalist that removes this page since it puts invaders in a bad light. I place the entire text here since it is of critical importance to advancing the public good and to assist with hopefully curbing the evil traitors in our midst who pose a severe threat to the USA and all the citizens within.

Nun’s slayer went between U.S., Mexico
published April 11, 2003

H&N Staff Writer
He committed a string of crimes in the United States and was sent back to his native Mexico four times.

But now the man who raped two nuns and killed one of them in Klamath Falls last September will live out the rest of his days in an Oregon prison.

Victor Manuel Batres Martinez, alias Maximiliano Cilerio Esparza, pleaded guilty Tuesday to the murder and rape of Sister Helen Chaska and to the rape of her co-worker, Sister Mary Louise. He was sentenced to life in prison with no parole.

Martinez was born Sept. 17, 1960, in the city of Durango, in the Mexican province of the same name. He is the oldest of five siblings – three brothers and one sister.
According to a report written by a forensic psychologist who interviewed Martinez, he was “impoverished and deprived” during the first seven years of his life. At age 7, Martinez and his family moved into a state-provided house.
Things began to improve financially when Martinez’s father opened a general store. Martinez said his father drank excessively and worked long hours. The father was prone to cruel, unprovoked violence. “He knocked me down many times,” Martinez told the psychologist.

Martinez failed the first and third grades in school, eventually getting as far as the sixth grade.
At age 10, Martinez stepped in a pile of lime and suffered severe burns to both legs. Another major trauma for the boy happened when he was raped by an uncle.
He left home at age 14.
Martinez said that by age 15 he was prostituting himself on the streets of Mexico City. He was also using drugs, including glue, marijuana, cocaine, heroin and methamphetamines.

Martinez has never held long-term employment, and has never been married.
The psychologist said he saw no indication of psychosis or schizophrenia in Martinez, nor phobias, obsessions, compulsions or suicidal and homicidal ideation.
“His capacity for psychological insight is very limited,” the psychologist wrote. He concluded that Martinez has brain dysfunction, seen in his “deficits of verbal memory and frontal lobe functions.”
These conditions were “significant contributors” to his committing the brutal crimes against his two victims on the early morning of Sept. 1, 2002.

Based on records from the Immigration and Naturalization Service, the FBI, and the states of Oregon and California, he has used no fewer than 10 aliases in the United States. The name he gave police in Klamath Falls, “Maximiliano Silerio Esparza,” is reportedly the name of a former governor of the Mexican province of Chihuahua.
On April 22, 1987, at the age of 17, Martinez was arrested in Salem on a charge of a unlawful use of a motor vehicle.
INS records show that Martinez asked for and was granted a “voluntary departure.” The charges against the juvenile were apparently dropped.
But, “there is no evidence in the file to show that he was returned to Mexico,” according to the record.

Martinez turned up two weeks later, on May 6, 1987, in Portland, where INS officials allowed him to voluntarily return to Mexico.
On September 18, 1987, he was arrested on a shoplifting charge in Wenatchee, Wash. Two months later, he was convicted of drug charges in Los Angeles, for which he drew a 60-day jail term. On June 14, 1988, he was given a six-month sentence in Los Angeles on another drug charge.
During 1988, he was arrested six more times in the Los Angeles area, on charges that included drug charges and robbery.
In Dec. 12, 1988, he began a six-year prison sentence for second-degree robbery and kidnapping.

Martinez was ordered to be deported Jan. 31, 1992, and was delivered to Mexico via Nogales, Ariz.
Six months later he was caught at the border trying to return to the United States. He subsequently made it into this country, and was apprehended in Roseburg Oct. 21, 1992.
However, INS records show that Martinez was released because the Border Patrol didn’t have enough money to transport him to the border.
Martinez was again arrested by Portland Police Nov. 23, 1992, on a drug charge. The case was dismissed.

During most of the remaining years in the 1990s Martinez was in and out of Mexican prisons for crimes that included theft, robbery and attempted rape.
In January 2002, U.S. Border Patrol agents detained Martinez at Columbus, N.M. They conducted a background check, but discovered only an outstanding drug charge from 1992 or 1993 from Multnomah County, said U.S. Justice Department Inspector General Ken Strange.
“Based on that and since he was cooperative, they deported him, taking him to Mexico through Palomas, N.M.,” said Strange, an inspector general assistant special agent in charge. The Border Patrol agents did not discover Martinez’s prior three-year prison term in California.
“If the officers had had his full rap sheet, they likely would have detained him,” Strange said. “He had a felony conviction, so he could have perhaps been detained for a few weeks or months.”
He could have been tried for illegal re-entry into the United States.
“We cannot say why they did not, but I hope to know within a month,” Strange said Thursday.
The investigation revolves around the actions of three Border Patrol agents in the incident last year.



Search the Web and see how various media outlets convey the news to you. Typically, I will fine a local media outlet reporting a full story and include the fact that the perpetrator or suspect is either a suspected illegal or an actual illegal. The favored fake-speak used by the politically correct mob is “undocumented immigrant.
“Ma’am, I am truly sorry to say that a gang of MS-13 undocumented immigrants repeatedly raped and brutalized your daughter then cut her throat.”

Of course the bureaucrat is kind and does not tell the mother that the 14-year-old girl was brutalized sexually in every manner possible and was tortured to death to the delight of the barbarians who are eased with pillaging the unsuspecting people because it is a sanctuary city!!!

My anger grows as I write this. I will stop for now. Patriots, prepare yourselves. Prepare for whatever is required to end the madness and stop the evil tyrants striving to destroy the USA and Western civilization across the world.



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