The Deep State “Show Trial” Persecution of Roger Stone


“The CNN video from the raid this morning clearly shows demonstrably evil CNN thugs doing the bidding of demonstrably evil Special Counsel thugs.”

“If we did not know it before, I hope we all realize that we are on one deep state list or another. If we did not irritate someone along the way in our practices, we were not standing up for truth. The noose is tightening — on us and our clients.

Frankly, I am at a loss to know what to do to resist this particular form of evil. I urge us all to pray as to how to resist a criminal justice system which has grown abusive of the people, and when someone gets an answer to that prayer, please share it.”


Is the need for Rev War Two increasing? Tyranny is rearing its ugly head inside the USA and all Western countries. Prepare, patriots.


The Deep State “Show Trial” Persecution of Roger Stone – Oath Keepers








































It is the “same owners” and their army of hired lackeys who have been attacking President Trump relentlessly. Obama performs in office in a manner that pleased the “same owners.” So did Clinton and all the Bushes. Upon leaving office the ex-presidents and their families received the massive legal rewards the elite class and corporations bestow upon those who please their masters. Those ex-presidents become multi-millionaires and their kids obtain the finest jobs imaginable. The scam works as it should with benefiting the ruling elites but We, the people are being screwed royally. President Trump entered the arena knowing who he would be battling and how incredibly wealthy, politically strong and embedded into the nation’s fabric those elites are. He also knew how the elite’s lackeys embedded in the bureaucracies that operate many aspects of the USA would be hard to remove and replace with patriots.

Increasingly I am forced to believe that, perhaps, rebellion may be the only way to fight the growing tyranny within the USA.












voting insanity





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