The State of White America – YouTube


Patriots, we must counter the best we can the deluge of propaganda/indoctrination relentlessly spewed by tyrannical elite-owned industries/corporations. The media and entertainment industries are especially effective at spreading propaganda that assists with the ongoing war against Western civilization. The immense wealth of the tyrants and the many organizations, associations and monolithic corporate entities they own/control gives them immense influence upon all levels of government in every Western country.

Our mere one vote means little when governments use taxpayer money to import 3rd-world barbarians to divide-and-conquer We, the People. The war against Whites is more of a war against Western civilization. If the tyrants win a New Dark Age will descend as the tyrant assume royalty-like control over us serfs and, perhaps, future slaves of our overlords who use their imported barbarians as warlords with life & death power over us.

We must not lose this war, patriots.



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