HATE HOAXER ON THE HOT SEAT: Police Promise Charges Against Jussie Smollett if He Filed False Report




“Actor Jussie Smollett arrived in Chicago last Monday night. He was out to get fast food at 2 a.m.  when he was allegedly attacked by two Trump supporters in MAGA hats who recognized him in the freezing cold, beat him, poured bleach on him and put a noose around his neck.”

The comment section has some interesting thoughts shared with the small percentage of USA citizens who read. Far too may folks stare mindlessly at the propaganda vomiting forth from that damn TV. Even the advertising spewing forth is full of propaganda intended to indoctrinate the masses to think and behave in ways desirable to the tyrannical elite-class that controls the monolithic corporations that dictate what We, the people see, hear and read via the media. A tiny elite has IMMENSE power to cause societal changes that benefit those elites but harms We, the people.

During my brief time as a K-12 school teacher I tried to warn the kids about the indoctrination power of the elite-owned media. I had to do it subtly because the other teachers and especially the administrators were thoroughly brainwashed and supported existing systems. Well… all that were politically correct in nature. Anything that could be labeled as “conservative” or “anti-politically correct” was despised. And I was despised by many within the educational system. A midlife career change brought me into the cult of education. When fellow teachers learned I was an ex-blue collar laboring man from the lower socioeconomic classes I plummeted in value within their indoctrinated minds. Adding to their disgust wads the worst thing I could have been… a military veteran and making that more disgusting to them was two overseas tours. Pure evil. Disgusting!!!

The media, the entertainment industry, advertising, educational systems… even the government at all levels is greatly influenced by monolithic corporate entities and various organizations and associations funded by the vast wealth held by a tiny portion of the USA and global population. That wealth allows those elite class who want to be tyrants to use that wealth in ways to obtain their desires.

Globalism. New World Order. Cultural Marxism. Open-borders. Labels used to describe the dangers facing the common folks living in Western countries. We are the target.

From indoctrinating youth with TV shows and ads then schooling then creating cretins in colleges and universities then hiring fodder for corporations where “I am just doing my job” allows common folks to be lackeys for their tyrannical masters then there are willing lackeys who know they are serving tyrants and spitting upon the masses but the rewards are wonderful for being a traitor to We, the People while helping the tyrants attain their desires. In the USA the ex-presidents and their families become multi-millionaires as a reward for proper behaviors in office. President Trump is under attack by the tyrant’s forces because he will not play the elite’s games of lackey/reward scam.

All I write of is incredible complex and convoluted and this assists the tyrants. Us common folks are stuck in a mire where a few can have effects while you and I cast our one tiny vote but…


voting insanity


Hoping the best for the French folks. Arrest those traitors. If they are guilty of screwing over the folks of France I hope they spend a few years at hard labor to atone for their sins. Also fine them to the point that they are at the economic level of the average French person. Then go after the ultra-rich thus powerful tyrants such as Soros and other of his ilk doing so much damage to our beloved Western civilization. And end the barbarian invasions of the West!!!

DO IT FRANCE!!! Before it is too late!!! Support those patriotic military officers. Use the military, if needed, to round-up the traitors and tyrannical elites!!!

I tossed that in after reading about the filthy vile scum traitor Macron and minions foisted upon the French people by embedded systems that serve the tyrannical elites with their lusts to garner evermore wealth and power. France needs a revolution.


HATE HOAXER ON THE HOT SEAT: Police Promise Charges Against Jussie Smollett if He Filed False Report – Suspicious Rope Plays Key Role


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