Donald Trump: Ilhan Omar ‘Extremely Unpatriotic,’ ‘Disrespectful’


I associate Rep. Ilhan Omar and others akin to her with the warnings about tyranny seen in the Founders’ writings. They told We, the People what to do when tyranny rises. Traitors forced those foreign barbarians upon us and used taxpayer dollars to support those anti-America anti-Western civilization vermin once they infested the USA. A Web search reveals anti-social activities and behaviors with that cohort embracing a death cult that for 1,400 years has used death and destruction to spread their all-encompassing far more than a mere religion across the world.

With so many traitors infesting government and traitors owning corporations with immense amounts of control over all aspects of life using those barbarians as a weapon against We, the People I fear that only a Revolutionary War Two can end this madness that could eventually lead to an end of the Founder’s creation.

All patriots, law enforcement and military personnel must remember our duty is to the Constitution and our Western ways of life. Traitors in charge of us; politicians, bureaucrats and the propaganda spewing owners of media and other indoctrination outlets negatively influencing the citizenry are to be ignored. We obey the orders within us and coming from qualified patriotic leaders of our organizations guiding us to victory over barbarians, traitors and the imported enemies of our wonderful Western ways of life. Prepare, patriots. A New Dark Age awaits if our enemies win this war they forced upon We, the People.


Donald Trump: Ilhan Omar ‘Extremely Unpatriotic,’ ‘Disrespectful’ | Breitbart














Ilhan Omar, a Muslim who slams the United States and Israel



Ilhan Omar Just Called on Muslims to “Raise Hell”




I will look around later and try to verify that representative of a death cult whose intent is to control the entire world actually spoke or wrote those words. I place it here nor for effect. The Islamic death cult is infiltrating the USA. Traitors within are assisting the invasion. Divide and conquer We, the People until we can no longer put up a united front to effectively fight back against tyranny. Notice how CAIR and other organizations are purposefully using females as their figureheads to invade, infest and pave the way for even more incoming barbarians and the high birth rate of those invaders spewing out future Islamic warriors at taxpayer expense.

Patriots, prepare for war!!!



Congresswoman Lil Ilhan Omar

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