Sri Lanka bomb attacks were revenge for New Zealand mosque killings

Western Civilization in Peril

What accounts for the 1,400 years of rape, murder, pillaging, mayhem and conquest prior to a Western warrior hero battling invading barbarians in the only effective manner available to him. Traitor filth infesting Western political positions either ignore the invading barbarians or actually assist those enemies of Western civilization to infest and infect our lands!!!

That traitor scum prime minister of New Zealand kissing Moslem butt instead of applauding a Western warrior for standing up to the invading barbarian horde. Maybe the thought of being a sex slave to a Moslem master, forced to serve him in every way he lusts for, drives her to be submissive to Islam? I do not know. Maybe that traitor wench believes that appeasement to barbarians will result in better treatment for her and her family after the Moslems conquer New Zealand. Only that traitor wench knows.

New World Order Globalist open-border-loving traitorous elite-owned…

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