Communist Party Directive, 1943. – YouTube


The leftist New World Order One-world government Marxist anti-USA anti-Western civilization anti-White hoodlums use this tactic constantly. The vile Southern Poverty Law Center uses these tactics constantly as does the Anti-Defamation League and many other organizations including individuals.

The brainwashed leftist college kiddies constantly spew their implanted knee-jerk rhetoric but the bland, boring sameness of their idiocy makes their attempts so obvious as to be more laughable than effective.

The constant harping upon the “vile disgusting Whites” often includes references to their being racist even when the topic at hand has nothing to do with race. It is futile arguing with idiots and brainwashed buffoons so my tactic of choice is to happily agree to being labeled a “racist” but with the caveat: “What some infantile minds consider “racist” the more educated adult minds tend to label as “realist.”  As for that racist label… it is so varied in how it can be interpreted and means so many different things to different people that the term is meaningless to me.

I avoid certain groups for personal reasons. Hard-core drug users. The criminal element. Gang members. One-percent biker gangs. White trash that are loud and obnoxious and who view folks who read books as punks or sissies and other groups. I also avoid Black folks due to cultural differences. I do nothing to impede their living life. I simply keep my distance. I do not see them striving to enter my lifestyle. Different strokes for different folks. Does my doing that make me a racist? Apparently, in a sick society where a tyrannical elite class and their lackeys are striving to force diversity and multiculturalism upon the USA for their own evil goals of dividing and conquering the people of the USA then my failure to join that anti-Founder’s creation cause is considered racist.

If a racist is what I am then so be it.

At least I am not a lap-dog lackey of evil forces striving to destroy the USA and all of Western civilization and replace it with a Marxist One-world government with open borders where barbarians swarm into once-civilized countries and convert them to fetid cesspools.


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