Antifa professor who said he likes teaching ‘future dead cops’ just got big notice from his employer

Maybe the “professor” will call upon his Antifa buddies to save his ugly face when thugs attack.

Antifa professor who said he likes teaching ‘future dead cops’ just got big notice from his employer – TheBlaze






Soros Antifa




Antifa Marxism left



Antifa Nazi brown shirt beat free speech



Antifa cowards wear masks



play cowboys and Antifa



Known alt-left organizations Antifa BLM SPLC




California junior college teacher wearing a bandana attacks peaceful conservatives with a hard heavy metal bicycle lock. Perverted legal system gave that coward a very light minor sentence. Diablo Valley College fired that filthy either Antifa member or one of their supporters? Hopefully the assaulted people sue that evil monster into poverty via civil suits.



Antifa magazine



Antifa aalt-left smash White man march



Red Guards Austin

Antifa buddies. Cells scattered across the USA. May be just a fad for college kids and others but they may be useful idiots for more organized intelligent folks such as the many organizations and associations that evil very wealthy scum such as George Soros support as they seek to destroy Western civilization.




Antifa Isis Antifa wears jeans



Antifa mad USA flag on EBT card large





Anarchy anarchist fight fascism mom dresses



Antifa behind the mask


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