Cop who shot 911 caller sentenced to 12½ years in prison – AOL News


“A Minneapolis police officer convicted of murder was sentenced Friday to 12½ years in prison for the shooting of an unarmed woman who had called 911.”

The anger inside the USA is growing regarding these Somali Moslem filth. A Web search reveals a multitude of horrors those sub-humans are committing against the citizens of the USA. If Revolutionary War Two is required to kick those filth out of the USA then let’s call upon the military to start the proceedings. Traitors among us forced these filthy savages upon us. This madness must end!!! Seriously, if it requires WAR to corral the traitors among us and kick those Somali scum out of the USA and seal our open borders let’s end this ongoing madness!!!!!

Cop who shot 911 caller sentenced to 12½ years in prison – AOL News

















Moslem Congress Rashida Tlaib






Ilhan Omar Just Called on Muslims to “Raise Hell”












Minnesota refugees swear loyalty to ISIS




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