Jewish Hatred for Non Jews (Goyim) – YouTube


Indoctrinated from an early age to support Jewish people and Israel the decades pass and reality seeps in. The elite-owned media and entertainment industries will not share reality with the common folks. Other sources are needed. Knowing of how intensely the masses of common USA folks have been indoctrinated to embrace all this is Jewish it is extremely difficult to share reality with others and not immediately be labeled as anti-Semite.

Sadly, simply not supporting the Jews and/or Israel is enough to be labeled as ANTI. I have no ill-will towards Jews or Israel. I AM anti Islam. I want all Western borders slammed shut to keep those invading barbarians out of our sacred lands. I would much rather have Jews than Moslems.

What I do not approve of is the incredible amount of power Israel and a portion of the Jewish population has over USA government and several of our industries that have immense influence within the USA. I am merely showing here that there ae more than just Moslems having negative effects upon the USA. Educate yourselves, patriots. I recommend starting with the huge influence Israel has upon the USA federal government. Next, look at the influence Jewish folks have upon various USA propaganda systems. Surely there has to be constraints that will reduce foreign influence upon the Founder’s creation.


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