CNN hits Jihad Watch for publishing “content critical of Islam”

Traitors to Western civilization are bashing an information source that many folks use to stay abreast of the horrors and evils the Moslem filth are committing against Western civilization and others under assault by the death cult that has invaded and conquered the last 1,400 years and will try to do so until the entire world has submitted to Islam.

Also mentioned at Jihad Watch are the traitorous evil acts of the filth Westerners who either ignore evil Islam or are actually paving the way for those vermin to enter the West and continue their efforts at conquering the infidels Mohamed’s armies hate.

Below is most of the Jihad Watch post telling of Western traitors trying to denounce the work of a patriot and his Web site. Western patriots, stay informed. Share with others and know your enemies!!!

(Pinterest does not allow placing the Jihad Watch link on “pins” placed upon the Pinterest Web site. When the time arrives for military tribunals to investigate and root out the Western traitors among us ensure that Pinterest owners and/or operators are thoroughly investigated for hindering patriots trying to expose the deadly enemies to everything that is Western.)


CNN hits Jihad Watch for publishing “content critical of Islam”


Within the space of two days, Jihad Watch has been hit by both CNN and the New York Times. I’m both amazed and amused that these media giants are so deeply threatened by this modest website, but the fact that they are is yet another indication that the establishment media sees one of its primary duties to be shielding Islam (not Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, or any other faith) from criticism, and doing everything it can to ensure that no one thinks that the crimes committed in the name of Islam and in accord with its teachings have anything to do with the religion itself.

CNN, reporting here on research done by a couple of far-Left think tanks and the Antifa factory that is Stanford University, claims that Jihad Watch is “known to spread disinformation or content critical of Islam.” Of course, they give no examples, because they can’t. We don’t spread disinformation: everything we say is documented and sourced. When a news item proves to be inaccurate, we take it down, as do the New York Times and CNN themselves. But what is chilling here, aside from CNN’s disinformation, is that it is criticizing us for publishing “content critical of Islam.” Is it illegal now to criticize Islam? It certainly has become something that few dare to do, as vilification, demonization, and ostracism are heaped upon all Islamocritics. But is CNN exercised about content critical of Christianity or any other religion? Of course not. That kind of content it would celebrate as free speech.

The fact that CNN — as well as the Leftist propagandists who carried out this “study” — blandly report that “content critical of Islam” is something reprehensible and to be stopped is an indication of how much the establishment media and political elites have already accepted the Sharia notion that Islam must not be criticized. This submission began nearly fifteen years ago, when newspapers all over the U.S. and Europe declined to reprint the Muhammad cartoons over which Muslims were rioting worldwide; the “journalists” who hailed “Piss Christ” and a dung-encrusted painting of the Virgin Mary suddenly discovered “respect” for religion.

Now, fifteen years later, the submission is nearly total. Even a little site like this one, posting accurate information about jihad violence, Sharia oppression, and Islamic doctrine is being targeted, and may soon be shut down. Totalitarian regimes have destroyed the freedom of speech before, and yes, it could happen here. However, totalitarian regimes also find that they can never manage to extinguish completely the desire for freedom that exists in every human heart. Official lies have prevailed before. But they never prevail in the long run.

Oh, and speaking of disinformation: the actual report about which CNN is writing states on page one: “Jihad Watch is run by Richard Spencer.” Are they really so careless as not to be able to distinguish between the names Richard and Robert, or are they deliberately trying to associate Jihad Watch with the neo-Nazi Richard Spencer in order to add weight to their defamation? Either way, this report is hardly a trustworthy source.


CNN hits Jihad Watch for publishing “content critical of Islam”

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