MSNBC and CNN Claim Trump Was Never at Ground Zero after 9/11 Attacks; Videos Prove Otherwise

Monolithic corporations with immense wealth and armies of loyal corporate lackeys do all they can to make President Trump look bad.

The tyrannical elites owning and/or operating the corporations support their New World Order, open borders, the end of nationalism and a one-world government. It appears those tyrannical elites want to place themselves at the top of the socioeconomic hierarchy and lord over the USA and all Western civilization.

All Western countries are being attacked by those evil tyrants!!!

The wealth and power of monolithic corporations already has huge influence upon all levels of government and it keeps growing to the detriment of the common folks. The diversity and multiculturalism scam pushed by the media, the entertainment and advertising industries and even our PC corrupt educational systems is preparing the masses to accept what is actually a weapon used to divide and conquer the USA people. The same tactics are used in all Western countries!!! Proof that multinational corporations are attempting to take control of Western civilization!!!

Multi-millions of invading illegal alien invaders are one of the weapons used to divide and conquer the citizenry. That ongoing invasion could be stopped but the tyrants and their politician lackeys want the invasion. In the USA what was once We, the People has been converted to many differing squabbling bickering groups at odds with each other. From Somali Moslem filth to  the Black Power movement to La Raza hating the Gringos and many more groups that is reflected in the federal Congress where the attempts to destroy the USA as a sovereign country grows as traitors become the norm in that bastion of corporate power.

The propaganda systems of the USA, the powerful ones with immense influence, drown out the voice of individual patriots:


As tyranny continues to grow and amass evermore wealth and power is the USA doomed? What do you think? The political system is beyond repair. I can not envision anything that the common folk patriots of the USA can do to prevent the inevitable takeover by those evil self-serving tyrants.

One possibility of saving the Founder’s creation. A successful military coup. I wrote details about this in other posts. I urge all patriots to share their concern with all law enforcement and military personnel. Share with them your knowledge of the dangers facing us. And ask them to consider the need for an uprising to battle tyranny with the most effective method most likely to succeed being a military coup led by patriot military officers.


MSNBC and CNN Claim Trump Was Never at Ground Zero after 9/11 Attacks; Videos Prove Otherwise | Trending

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