FBI document warns conspiracy theories are a new domestic terrorism threat


“The FBI for the first time has identified fringe conspiracy theories as a domestic terrorist threat, according to a previously unpublicized document obtained by Yahoo News.”

Patriots, shall we think and believe as our government overlords demand that we do? Is this more evidence that tyranny is increasing throughout the once united states?

We, the People has become a silly phrase. Diversity and multiculturalism forced upon the USA has created what is a Balkanized country. If you are unfamiliar with that term it refers to the Balkan Peninsula in southern Europe where constant conflict occurs between the countries and the people of that region.

If you keep up with USA current events surely you have noticed the conflicts between the many groups within the USA. There is no longer a rallying point for the majority of the people. The different groups have conflicting agendas and so do the socioeconomic classes within the USA. There is class war going on in our class-driven society. Religious war will surely arise as the vile Moslem filth increasingly become more militant as that death cult acts as it has for 1,400 years.

So MANY things are dividing the people. Even TV ads are causing anger in some. Forcing the various sexual oddities and perversions upon the public demanding that we not merely ignore those life styles but that we are expected to embrace and support them. Even to the point that school children are taught in the classroom to embrace the oddities.

Better minds than mine could explain the huge number of affairs that are driving wedges between people. I wear my t-shirt with the large picture of President Trump surrounded by the presidential seal to the grocery store and I get many obvious looks of disgust. Some folks, usually females, have scowls of pure hatred staring into my eyes. I smile nicely as we pass each other. No comments yet. Not even from the few males, usually Black males, who glare at me. I am a stocky husky obviously physically capable old fart who has been a blue-collar laborer my entire life with military training and with athletics rounding out my stature. That is, I am guessing, what has kept some loud-mouthed anti-freedom folks from spewing verbal venom. I have even had a few Trump supporters mention that I am a brave guy for wearing the shirt in public as I do. That is a sad commentary on USA society.

So, the government could conceivably hunt down folks such as I who post commentary on several blogs I operate and leave comments at many places across the Web suggesting that a whiff of revolution is in the air. I mention tyranny and illegal alien invasion encouraged by traitors among us and that Moslems are scum with a long history of hating the West and I mention the unholy alliance between monolithic corporations and big government and how those corporations are using their abilities to engulf the masses with propaganda that encourages thoughts and actions that I believe the Founders would label as tyrannical. I also believe that if the Founders would appear to us that they would put out the call for rebellion against the evil forces within and those invading from afar.

The complexity of life today makes the efforts of tyrants and traitors easier than it should be. I fear for the future of the Founders’ Great Experiment. If we continue on the path we are on I believe the future will be very ugly for the common folks of this once-great country. The group winning the current war for minds will likely be ruthless to ensure they keep their power and the wealth that accompanies that power.

I urge the USA military officer corps to look to history and the present and consider deeply the future we are headed for, You patriots within that officer corps may be all that can save the USA from descending into a horrible New Dark Age that could conceivably be a new-style Third Reich.


FBI document warns conspiracy theories are a new domestic terrorism threat

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