2 NY Women Plead Guilty to Planning Terrorist Attack Against Law Enforcement, Military


“Two New York residents inspired by radical Islam pleaded guilty on Friday to planning a terrorist attack using explosives against law enforcement and military targets in the United States.

Asia Siddiqui and Noelle Velentzas of Queens intended to use explosives and a weapon of mass destruction in their attack and studied the worst terrorist attacks in the country during their planning, according to the U.S. Department of Justice.”


2 NY Women Plead Guilty to Planning Terrorist Attack Against Law Enforcement, Military


I wonder if CAIR will openly or secretively assist with their legal expenses. If tried and convicted and sent to prison I wonder if any or more of the many pro-Islam anti-West organizations or Moslem individuals will assist their fellow jihadists by feeding funds into their commissary privileges thus improving their quality of life while incarcerated?

Diversity and multiculturalism at work tearing apart the fabric od USA society. Tools used by the enemies of the USA and of all Western civilization as part of their ongoing attacks against us. We are at war, patriots. Sadly, the many wealthy, powerful traitors and their army of indoctrinated lackeys have successfully used their massive amounts of propaganda to keep the typical USA citizen from becoming aware that the USA and all Western countries are in a war for survival.

Spread the word, patriots. We must overcome the lies and errors of omission of that traitor element!!!



And once inside the USA the Evil Ones commence indoctrinating USA citizens into joining their evil cause.




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