Dad Furious After US Public School ‘Undermined’ Him, Worsened Daughter’s Trans Crisis


“A dad was floored after discovering his daughter’s public school not only knew about her transgender identity crisis, but actively encouraged it despite his protests.

Illinois resident Jay Keck revealed his anger in an Aug. 12 opinion column for USA Today headlined, “my daughter thinks she’s transgender. Her public school undermined my efforts to help her.” The problem started when Keck’s then-14-year-old daughter first began thinking she was male in 2016.

Keck’s daughter, who is on the autism spectrum and has trouble forming friendships with others, was originally approached by a transgender girl at her school. Soon after meeting the transgender student, Keck’s daughter herself began to claim she was a male trapped in a female’s body. To Keck’s shock, staff at the school called her by her new name. According to him, the school was well aware of his daughter’s mental challenges.

“I pleaded that my daughter’s school call her by her legal name, use female pronouns,” Keck writes. Instead, he wrote, the faculty ignored his request and affirmed the young girl’s male “identity.””

Those PC leftist freaks are going to mess with the wrong father some day and will pay very dearly for their evil perverted actions. If I am on his jury, no matter what options he chose to end the madness, “not guilty” will be my only vote. Patriots need to be aware of juror-nullification and use it to assist fellow patriots in our fight against the evil madness enveloping our society and country.

Dad Furious After US Public School ‘Undermined’ Him, Worsened Daughter’s Trans Crisis

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