Judge whose sister heads La Raza rules 130-year law against encouraging illegal immigrants is unconstitutional


“Judge Carlos Murguia of the U.S. District Court of Kansas ruled, based on a Ninth Circuit opinion, that 8 U.S.C. §1324, the law prohibiting someone from “encouraging” or “inducing” illegal immigration, is an unconstitutional infringement upon the First Amendment. In doing so, Murguia vacated the convictions of two illegal aliens, Jose Felipe Hernandez-Calvillo and Mauro Papalotzi, who were convicted in August 2018 by a jury for conspiring to encourage illegal aliens to remain here through employment at a drywall company in Lawrence, Kansas. Four others were originally indicted by a grand jury in 2015.This law has been on the books in some form for over 130 years, and numerous federal courts have upheld convictions based on §1324.”

Is there a traitor to We, the People infesting the judiciary? Can US Marshals be sent in to arrest the possible traitor and haul him to be judged by experts? Is the military required to ensure a possible traitor does not hide behind the barrier that the legal system has erected to allow them to so often spit upon We, the People?

Have Marxists, globalists, New World Order advocates and other enemies of the USA and Western civilization invaded the judiciary? Why would ANY judge impede the patriots trying to stop the ongoing invasion of the USA? What kind of fiend would use his/her judicial power to assist that invasion?

Any judge, politician or bureaucrat assisting the invasion must appear in front of a military tribunal to face charges of treason and aiding & abetting every felony committed by every illegal alien invader fiend inside the USA. If guilty the tens-of-thousands of charges of aiding and abetting ensures the traitor will receive a life without parole sentence. That sentence is best served at HARD-LABOR under military jurisdiction.

Judge whose sister heads La Raza rules 130-year law against encouraging illegal immigrants is unconstitutional – Conservative Review

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