George Washington U Kills ‘Colonials’ Mascot After Students Offended


“”According to a report by the Young America’s Foundation, George Washington University has been slowly removing references to its popular “Colonials” mascot. Breitbart News reported in February that students at the university started a petition which argued that the “Colonials” mascot has a problematic “connection to colonization” and “systematic oppression.”

The petition, which received over 500 student signatures, argued that the “Colonials” mascot is “extremely offensive.” “We, as students of the George Washington University, believe it is of great exigence that the University changes its official mascot,” the petition read, “ The use of ‘Colonials,’ no matter how innocent the intention, is received as extremely offensive by not only students of the University, but the nation and world at large.”

“The historically, negatively-charged figure of Colonials has too deep a connection to colonization and glorifies the act of systemic oppression,” the petition added, “Alternative nickname recommendations are ‘Hippos,’ ‘Revolutionaries,’ or ‘Riverhorses.’”

How about the “Che Guevaras?”

Save our snowflakes from the horrors that life reality may impose upon them. Save those delicate little children. They must never be forced to view life as adults or interact with life as adults. Keep our leftist and liberal children children forever since they are incapable of learning how to be adults.


George Washington U Kills ‘Colonials’ Mascot After Students Offended | Breitbart

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