Student Suspended After Shooting Guns at Range with Mother


“Complete Colorado reports that 16-year-old Nathan Myers was reported anonymously by another student after positing alleged “threatening” material to Snapchat. The alleged “threatening” material was a video of guns Nathan and his mother Justine posted before heading out to the range.

The caption on the video said, “Finna be lit.” Weld County Sheriff Steve Ream spoke to the uproar over Nathan’s video, saying, “People base their apprehension on their own paradigm and their own fear of guns and gun culture. One kid is totally excited to go out and train on how to use a gun responsibly, while another kid is totally freaked out about seeing a gun.”

Bearing Arms reports that Loveland High School–the school suspending Nathan–is operating in line with a program called “Safe 2 Tell.” The program is designed to allow students an avenue to report possible threats. Sheriff Ream observes Nathan’s plight as a perfect example of the trouble that arises from putting laws in place where people can face punishment or have guns confiscated simply on accusations.”

A kid reporting the event is one thing. For the bleating-sheep leftist cowardly administration of that school to suspend the student for doing a legal act is a horror, an abomination.

My mid-life career change led to K-12 teaching at public schools. From the get-go the majority of teachers and administrators openly expressed disdain to hatred of me for my blue-color laboring class background and adding to their fear was my two overseas military tours. The reactions varied, of course, but observing fear in those indoctrinated snowflakes baffled me.

Administrators of public schools have immense power within their little realms. They must be observed to ensure they are not assisting New World Order causes. Marxists are spit out of the college/university system constantly. Traitors are not rare. Patriots must observe the goings-on at every school and school district.

Oh, that career change? Unable to tolerate the over leftist indoctrination of youth I did all I could to counter it. I was a substitute teacher at several local school districts and filled in at every grade level and at every class-type at the high schools. I was regularly reminded to toe the “party line” but I continued with what I considered to be patriotic efforts. Not advancing my own beliefs but, instead, try to convey reality so that the students could form their own opinions. I was very popular with students and they expressed their delight with being talked to, not talked at.

Three years of substitute teaching and despite dozens of applications sent to openings for full-time teaching across the USA nary an offering. Over time I learned, with the help of a couple truthful school administrators in states far away (they will remain anonymous forever, they did risk the wrath of the many leftists filling the education system) that my recommendations and prior work history (I was a non-traditional student) and obvious lack of “proper indoctrination” was a formidable barrier to ever being hired as a full-time teacher. That knowledge plus unable to no longer tolerate being part of a brainwashing system aimed at young minds I left that disgusting mess.

Yes, patriots, the indoctrination varies from school to school with some areas of the USA more disgusting than others. However, political correctness  (ill-defined and subjectively viewed) permeates all of the public education system. Beware, patriots. The Founder’s creation is under attack in many ways.


Student Suspended After Shooting Guns at Range with Mother

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