Clashes reported between Boston ‘Straight Pride’ marchers, counter-protesters

“Counter-protesters shout at the participants in the “Straight Pride Parade” along Tremont Street in Boston on Saturday, Aug. 31. Despite outrage from local politicians including Mayor Marty Walsh, the parade was granted permission to march but under a heavy police presence.”

If you are not lesbian, bi-sexual, Gay, queer or transsexual and you have a legal parade to express your joy at being “straight” then people who dislike, despise or maybe even hate you disrupt your event. When the Gay Day and other LGBTQ events, parades, etc occur have you seen “straight” folks counter-protesting and disrupting their affairs?


“An estimated 150-200 supporters turned up to the “Straight Pride Parade” event Saturday in Boston, but the crowd was dwarfed by a sea of counter-protesters, leading to some clashes and arrests.

The Super Happy Fun America group, founded by three conservative men, kicked off the parade at noon Saturday with controversial right-wing commentator Milo Yiannopoulos serving as grand marshal.

About 150-200 participants marched in the parade, while hundreds of counter-protesters lined the streets on the other side of police barricades.””

“The City of Boston granted a permit for the parade in June, explaining the city cannot decline to issue a permit due to a disagreement with a group’s values. The parade received stern criticism from locals including Mayor Marty Walsh.”

Disagree with straight values? Patriots, there is a culture war underway within the USA!!! If the Founders were to appear today and saw what is underway what do you think they would say to us? I have my beliefs but I have mentioned them endlessly in other blog entries.

“Critics accused the parade’s organizers of being white supremacists intentionally seeking to provoke conflict in the famously liberal city. Parade organizers said they view heterosexuals as becoming an “oppressed majority” in the United States and would like to see an “S” added to the “LGBTQ” initialism to represent straight people.”

OH MY!!!!!  The “white supremacist” slur used yet again. As I have mentioned in many blog entries the attack against “white supremacism” is actually an attack against the USA as a sovereign country AND all of Western civilization. Look at Europe and the invasions those countries are undergoing. Canada is being inundated with foreign barbarians due to traitor Trudeau and other traitors in that beleaguered country. New Zealand and Australia are being invaded and purposefully filled with imported barbarians by the traitors in those countries.

The New World Order globalist Marxist one-world-government cohorts are using diversity and multiculturalism and foreign invasion as weapons of war to destroy Western civilization and install what?

Fearful days are ahead, patriots. I expect attacks against peaceful law-abiding folks such as straights, patriots conservatives and other who defy the leftists and Marxists to become increasingly dangerous with deaths likely. Evil is growing braver and bolder. Traitor politicians and bureaucrats support the evil ones!!!

Prepare, patriots. The Founders wrote what must be done when tyranny rears its ugly head. Looking around the USA via the news reports the Web provides and I see confrontations growing in intensity. Our enemies are powerful backed by tyrannical elites with massive wealth and owning and controlling monolithic corporations and with immense influence upon government at all levels.

The complexity of the evils confronting us prevents me from covering even a tiny portion of them in one blog entry. Stay alert, patriots. Confer with fellow patriots. Seek quality leadership. Convince law enforcement and military personnel that they are united with patriot We, the People folks.


Please follow the link below for the entire article that has embedded links.


Clashes reported between Boston ‘Straight Pride’ marchers, counter-protesters –


globalism division



smash Whites alt-left Antifa



war within our own borders



White minority



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Antifa my heroes kill cops



gif bike lock hit Antifa attack violence

Antifa supporter (Antifa member?) attacking peaceful patriot in Berkeley, California. Leftist judge gave the attacker a very minor sentence.



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Offended leftists and Marxists are quick to physically attack patriots






White people plague planet

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