UNDERCOVER VIDEO: Jewish Attorneys Teach Companies How to Exclude American Workers

“UNDERCOVER VIDEO: Jewish Attorneys Teach Companies How to Exclude American Workers”

I am ignoring the bias against “Jewish” lawyers mentioned at the video. There is enough bias to be had in the actions of anybody who tries to circumvent legalities so that USA citizen workers can be ignored allowing foreign workers to be imported.

Those “green card” and various visa-types foreign workers imported by businesses, corporations, etc. are required by federal law to work ONLY for the firm importing them. If the foreign worker leaves that firm for any reason the law states the worker must return to their own country.

That is akin to SLAVE LABOR!!!  Work for the employer at the wage offered and the benefits, if any, given. What stops the firm from lowering the wage or demanding that the worker work 100 hours weekly at a salary with no overtime and any other abuses? The foreign worker either accepts or returns to India or whatever country they are from.

And all the while an American highly-competent worker is still looking for a job.

Congress is in cahoots with corporations to spit upon American citizens. The number of visas continuously increases and the tyrannical elite-owned media that is in cahoots with corporate scammers and traitors to We, the People does not report to the common folks how we are being SCREWED!!!

Another problem is that far too many of the imported foreign workers who leave the firm they are legally enslaved to leave that firm and stay in the USA as illegal aliens. We are lucky that the foreign workers leaving their corporate masters to live in the USA illegally are not typically committing the murders, rapes, molestations and other horrors that so many illegal alien invaders slithering across the southern border are so apt to commit against USA citizens.

Still, those foreign workers are keeping USA citizens from getting a job. Wages are also driven down. And corporations become evermore wealthy and have even more wealth to share with their traitor politician buddies.

Patriots, our own economic system and the traitors in our midst have declared economic war against We, the People. Add this to the ongoing culture war I write about elsewhere and toss in diversity and multiculturalism and the increasing unholy alliance between big business and big government and where is this all heading?

The USA is in extremely deep trouble if you are one of the 95% or so of common folks. The tyrannical elites and their well-paid lackeys are doing great.

Patriots, we need the wisdom and guidance of quality folks of the equals of the original Founders. The evil facing us is so incredibly complex that it is difficult to comprehend the MANY ways the elites and their powerful lackey politicians, bureaucrats, corporate leaders and many other powerful people are using and abusing the many systems that operate the USA in ways that benefit the few while using and abusing the modern-day serfs serving that elite class.

Fellow serfs. How long until those ruling overlords decide we would be better as slaves forced to obey everything and anything our masters order? Is the push to remove firearms from We, the People part of a plan to push us into slavery?

Patriots, prepare. Tyranny HAS risen!!!

And while there MAY be SOME substance to mentions of Jewish this and that I believe that it is SOCIOECONOMIC class ranking that is far more important that ones’ religion. Tyrants and lackeys come in many forms.

What are we going to so, patriots? The enemies of freedom are incredibly wealthy and powerful.


UNDERCOVER VIDEO: Jewish Attorneys Teach Companies How to Exclude American Workers



Corporations overlords corporate welfare



America's corporate headquarters Congress






corporation free speach big guy little guy



corporation media power propaganda

Guess who holds most of the propaganda and indoctrination power within the USA? It sure isn’t the common folks. Even our advertising and educational systems have turned into indoctrination centers to prepare the common folks for the “brave new world” being forced upon us.



government weapons rifle power control



economics wealthy elites work labor

Sure, life in the USA sure beats living in North Korea BUT… is tat an excuse for those self-serving elites constantly screwing the common folks over and using embedded system to keep their scams going and growing while using traitor politicians, bureaucrats and others to create new scams so that a small percentage of the populace grows evermore wealthy and powerful?


The L-Curve: Income Distribution of the U.S.



USA government rich elites corporation taken over people American





workers thinkers slave education



feudalism past present bankers corporation elites bureaucrats commoners




socioeconomic hierarchy control wealth

We live immersed within created systems that the common folks have NO control over. Voting is basically a farce!!! A fine way to convince the common folks that they have a say in important matters. Here is one tiny example. Did you ever vote or have any politician or bureaucrat ask you if you wanted your tax dollars to be spent on proving a comfortable life for imported Somali barbarians? Of course not!!! Do a Web search to see the many horrors committed by those Moslems whose religion demands that they hate infidels!!! Their acts prove the truth about the dangers barbarians pose to Westerners!!!

This topic is complicated enough to fill several lengthy books. I can not even start to cover this here. There is a huge Web out there and if you desire some searching and reading will enlighten you to how badly We, the People are being screwed!!!



elites media law enforcement worker commoner




new boss old boss same elites politicians

Obama obeyed his elite-class masters. After leaving office Obama and family have received their legal rewards for proper behaviors while in office. Obama is now a multi-millionaire and I read he is about to buy an expensive estate on the elite-class enclave of Martha’s Vineyard.  The ongoing attacks against President Trump by the tyrannical elite-owned media and the filthy lackeys doing their corporate master’s bidding is due to the legal-bribe system not working with Trump!!!  President Trump is not obeying the elite masters’ desires!!! Thus Trump is an enemy of the USA ruling class.



99% 1% commoners republican democrat elites



wealthy powerful class control government steal





sacrifice for America military elite commoner




government takes control take country back

If the Founders had known to the HUGE extent that corporations would grow and their HUGE influence upon all level of government and HUGE control of all aspects of USA society and life in general I wonder if the Constitution would have had some barriers placed within to prevent corporate tyranny from occurring?



garbage mind media corporations elites

Propaganda and indoctrination systems available only to large corporations and done so with the collusion of traitors within Congress.




voting insanity

At the local level your vote may mean something. Less so at the state level. At the federal level voting is a farce. We are well-indoctrinated from birth to believe that voting makes the common folks powerful. HAH!!!! The real power lays within the embedded systems of command and control that operate how the USA works on a day-to-day basis. This extremely complicated topic is a brain-breaker covering so MANY aspects of goings-on within the USA that the extreme complexity of it all makes it easier to understand how a few powerful people have an immense amount of control of what is going on in the USA.

And you and I and others have one vote. A feel-god device to keep the commoners happy. And complacent. And easy to use and abuse by those lording over them.




Hillary Mexican Flag

A suck-up politician. Imagine the horrors if that beast had attained the White House. President Trump is FAR from great but the systems within the USA limit presidential power immensely. To right the wrongs being done against the USA common folks would, I believe, require either a successful military coup or a full-scale successful Revolutionary War Two and the rebuilding of the systems that operate the USA. The current Constitution would be used but all the crap tacked to the edges of the document need revamped and reworked.

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